January 2016 Favourites

Hello everyone,

Back again with my monthly favourites. This month was difficult to find things I actually was enjoying. Most of the new products I tried this month were a fail and I am really wanting to stick to my beauty budget. Especially since I have a trip coming up I want to save. Don’t expect to see too many new products in February for this exact reason.

Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser

I picked this up after I had that nasty breakout with the Burts Bees wipes. I have combination skin type, I may experience dryness in some areas and oily in others. I have had some sensitivities to face wash in the past. This however was so gentle on the skin, it has a nice lather to it, and though it lathers it doesn’t strip away the skins natural moisture either. My face felt really clean after using this. Some cleansers I have noticed leave the skin feeling striped raw or leave a film. This did none of those things really gentle but was able to take of that troublesome mascara I’ve been dealing with so I know it is effective. There is no scent to this which is great, I don’t understand why some things need a scent like face wash really leave that fragrance out of there. I’m really happy with this product I would absolutely repurchase. I’m going to have to try some others from the line if this is that gentle there is a day cream with SPF that caught my eye.

Body Drench Moroccan Argan Oil Lotion

Ever go tanning and notice tanning lotions have an irresistible smell? Ever wanted it as a body lotion? That’s what this product reminds me of, I love the smell of it so much it stays true to it’s smell on the skin and last a long time. I didn’t time it ever but several hours at least. I found this to be very moisturizing non greasy formula it goes on really easy and I love the scent. There were other scents in the line I want to try out now but I choose this one as you can’t go wrong with that argan oil scent I really enjoy it.

Gehwol Med Deodorant Foot Cream

So after having my foot locked away in that aircast for almost twos months it was angry with a vengeance. I could have cleared a room with my stinkin’ foot. Something had to be done. I tossed out the shoes I was wearing to help get rid of any fungus. I started using this every night. A little dime size dollop was more than enough. I massaged it gently into my angry foot and almost immediately the stink was gone. After about a week of using this everyday the problem cleared right up! So moisturizing as well softened up my feet in the process. This product was a major win for me and it is even safe for diabetics. I am going to definitely be trying more things from this line this was just so incredible!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

I don’t think I need to talk about this too much as I mentioned it in almost every nails of the week this month. That is why It makes the favourites for this month!

Natures Aid All Natural Lip Balm

This lip balm is amazing, it is so moisturizing and has been really helpful in preventing the typical winter blister lips. I have the flavour maple syrup, I know I had another one I never opened yet, but I can’t find it. Something tells me I’m going to like that flavour more than this one!

My favourite song this month Lacey Sturm Impossible


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