Try me – Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is part 2 of the series “Try Me”. I have yet to know just how many parts there will be to this as there is still a big bag of goodies for me to go through. If you missed part one check it out here. I did a little more research on the products I’m trying this time so be sure to click the links and check out the websites. I’m thinking it would be a good idea to get in the habit of this so you my readers can easily find additional information.


Maxeffects Naturals

This was incredibly gentle, and bonus it took off that troublesome mascara so easily I couldn’t believe it! A new must have for me, I just couldn’t believe the results. One swipe took all the eyeshadow off and I did need a second for that dang mascara but it got it!! Another great Canadian product I can be proud to purchase.


Di Morelli

Here I have a Cleanser, a moisturizer, an spf 45, and a vitamin C face and eye serum. I looked everywhere on the internet for other reviews with this product and I couldn’t find any. Maybe it’s just so new no one’s tried it I don’t know.

I had one heck of a time trying to use the little pump to get the product out. Eventually I just unscrewed it and gently hit it out on my hand little bit by little bit.  I’ve never seen a tester look like this or have as much trouble trying to test something before. Everything seems really gentle and no allergic reactions but I feel I would need to give this product more then one trial before determining just how awesome it is. I’m excited about the SPF one I haven’t tried it under makeup my main thought for this was if there was an allergic reaction, so far so good. I do have to say for it though my face feels so clean and so smooth after using the cleanser and the moisturizer I am impressed. I’m going to investigate into this product and the line a little further keep testing it out and come back with a more thorough review. So far though this looks promising.


Lollia Shea Butter in Wish

The back of this package says “Rich Reward. Botanically lush hand creme with rich ingredients. Macadamia Nut & Avocado Oils are blended to comfort & sooth skin. Beneficial hydrating extracts of Aloe & Shea Butter lightly moisturize while delicate infusions of sugar cane, vanilla bean, & Jasmine leave skin deliciously fresh.” That’s a mouthful I am not the biggest fan of this one an I usually enjoy the scent of Vanilla but this just doesn’t do it for me maybe it’s just too sweet for me. I washed the lotion off as the scent was too much for me.


Lollia Perfume in Love (Truly, Madly, Deeply)

The back of this card says “Classic petals.. delicate infusions of Apple Blossom kissed sweetly by jasmine, floating upon the breath of truest rose.” A small bit of poetry to describe just how beautiful this is. I do enjoy this it’s a sweet light floral scent so pretty and feminine. I appreciate that it is not so overpowering a subtle fragrance that I really do enjoy. I don’t wear a lot of fragrance due to my occupation so I am very stingy when it comes to purchasing. I just don’t use it enough to justify the large price tags, however I really do like this scent, a lot!


It is Shark Week at this lady’s house. So for this part of the “Try Me” I brought out all things fem hygiene to sample. My male audience can tune out now I won’t be upset. Half or more of the population has what I like to call “shark week” or more commonly known as a menstrual cycle. So why then are so many of us embarrassed to talk about it. Or make up fancy terminology to refer to what is so natural. I’m not sure but I am about to get real here about this subject.


Always Radiant Infinity

Now I haven’t used this one before and I won’t use this sample. Ladies it is not a good idea to use anything with a fragrance in that area. For me I am sensitive to things like a yeast infection. Many things can cause this such as diet, bubble bath, body wash, sweat, and you betcha fem hygiene products! Especially those that have a fragrance. So steer clear of these it may seem tempting to want something to combat smell but this is not the answer. If you use these and they do not bug you all the power to you but for me this is a big no no! I’m sure there is an unscented version of these out there and if you weren’t aware before you are now, don’t just grab something in your desperate search for protection here make sure to read the package for fragrance.


Always Radiant Panty Liners.

The sticky side is sticky from edge to edge which I appreciate some liners only have a sticky strip and then it folds in and can cause chafing or small abrasions. The stick to it holds really well even though a yoga session it’s right in the place I put it. What I don’t understand is why the padded part is only in the middle of the liner in a long narrow oval shape. I realize this is only a liner but it is only offering partial protection in the liners total surface area. I’m not the biggest fan of this as it didn’t fully protect me from unfortunate leaking.



My period only lasts a total of 4-5 days the first 2 are usually really heavy and than it’s light to barely spotting. I used this as an overnight pad on the 2nd night. I don’t normally wear pads throughout the day because I don’t feel clean next to them, this felt different when I woke up I didn’t have that awful get away from my gross feeling I do with other pads. This pad has been designed to protect against many issues women may face from using fem hygiene products such as yeast infections, TSS, and more. I may just be switching to this for all my fem hygiene needs because as I mentioned before I sometimes have an issue with yeast infections, so something that will protect against that is a win in my book.

That is all for this “Try me” I should have another post go up later on this week. Gotta use up the sample stash!


6 thoughts on “Try me – Part 2

  1. I would use those products, minus scented feminine products. They screw with my vagina too much.

    #evenitalkaboutmyvaginasometimes #myfiancetalksabouthispenisconstantlysoilltalkaboutmyvagina


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