As I Am..

.. a house cat, I feel it is my moral obligation to take care of the fur-less creatures that reside here with me, after all she feeds me tuna snacks. See the female one is not feeling well, she’s sick. As you know my creature has no fur I have no idea how she stays warm. I think she is embarrassed she has no fur as they cover up with something called laundry. She always complains about her laundry. So I will stay close and snug her to keep her warm I see her laundry pile is large today she won’t be happy about that. I told my Brother the other house cat here to go hide the laundry, he fell asleep on it.


8 thoughts on “As I Am..

  1. My name is Ray, and I am a dog who who has never experienced a house cat, but I have a real problem with the outside ones. As for laundry? My humans are very odd. They take the “laundry” down stairs where I am not allowed to go and then, some time later, they bring it all back up! Does that make any sense? Why don’t they just leave it alone? Woof! Ray.

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    1. What I don’t understand is why they have so much laundry? Why don’t they just cover up with the same laundry everyday? When the laundry comes back it’s often very warm and the best place to take a nap. If you haven’t tried this mister dog named Ray I highly recommend it. Note the fur-less creatures will scold you if you get caught but it is so worth it!


      1. I do like curling up on warm places, like my Dad’s bed when he has got up… but I always leave fur everywhere so they always know where I’ve been! What is scold? Is that like being barked at? My original humans were always barking at me before they abandoned me, but the only time they barked at me here is when I went to pee near by den (but it was my first day living here so I didn’t know they wanted me to do it the garden). I don’t think that they have barked at me since. Woof! Ray.

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      2. I don’t know if your creatures have the same funny paws as mine, but they flick the digits on their paw to make a loud sound. When they do this they are scolding or telling us its time to come in from the balcony. We were also abondoned, but I never had fur-less creatures before. My parents told my siblings and me they had fur-less creatures and they were waiting a long time for them to come home. At least they thought to leave a food bag out for us. My creatures came just in time we were almost all out of food. I didn’t like my creatures at first because all the bad things I heard about them but they good ones.

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