Sick Day

A highly contagious Virus is floating around the workplace right now. I don’t feel particularly sick but I am showing some symptoms of the virus with a sore throat I’ve had yesterday and now today. Other than the irritation of having a sore throat I feel okay, only a mild fever. As a precautionary I was sent home though. I do work with a lot of elderly and at risk clients so it is understandable. I am really hoping it’s not the virus we are all worried about and it is just nothing but a minor cold or throat irritation. Here’s hoping to it being nothing. *cheers cough syrup*

So I am Asthmatic which does not hold me down, I have my disease well under control for the most part which is good, but because of this I am unable to take a lot of sore throat remedies or cough drops or anything I may want right now. The reason for this is the ingredient in most of them is a cough suppressant, if for whatever reason I do get an asthma attack I may need to cough to clear it away so if I can’t this could lead to a minor issue becoming serious fast! So I must resort to natural remedies here. Keep in mind I am no physician so you should not take my actual advice on any of this I am simply sharing with you what I am doing today to make myself feel better. If you have concerns regarding health or medicine you need to speak to your doc or pharmacist.

I found a cough syrup that was recommended to me and is safe for me to use Nin Jiom. It’s not bad at all I mean cough syrup isn’t supposed to be the most pleasant thing to taste but this is okay. Granted I haven’t tried many cough syrups to know the difference. It’s so thick is my biggest yuck it’s hard to swallow but it doesn’t give me cringes like some others I’ve had. I might try putting some in tea to avoid the thick syrup texture.

I also have some throat candies Honibe Honey Lozenges. That are also safe for me to use, and bonus it’s a Canadian Product which I always appreciate and try to buy locally whenever possible. I got the lemon flavour one they are not bad tasting and really help sooth the throat. Because a sore throat is my primary symptom I have some ice chips and some popsicles to snack on and also keep me hydrated. I also have some frozen fruit still I could whip up a nice detox smoothie with blueberries and whatever else I have stashed in there. If I come up with a yummy one I’ll share it with you!

It is so important to stay hydrated when feeling sick. Because my major symptom is a sore throat I have some chamomile tea with, you betcha more honey! This honey here I have is Wendell Estate honey creamed raw prairie honey. It comes from an area of the Canadian Prairies known as the “Golden Triangle”. This area produces some of the best honey in the world and has an incredible amount of thriving hives and amazing beekeepers.Β  This stuff is really yummy and a spoonful of that in my tea naturally sweetens and helps sooth the throat even more. Also with it a tall glass of water. I put a lemon wedge in my water to give it a little flavour and hope I’ll get some added vitamin from it, but if my throat really starts bugging or my tummy just plain water would be best.

I have my most comfy clothes on and I’m all snuggled up with my favourite blanket. Staying warm, comfy, and cozy. Rest is so very important when your not feeling well. Avoiding any physical exercise or even household chores. That means my 30 days of yoga is put on hold. I may do some mild yoga or stretching just to help me feel better but it is not good to strain your muscles when sick. It could decrease the effectiveness of our immune systems. Trying to stay relaxed and rested whenever possible is best. If you’ve been laying down a lot it’s a good idea just to stretch out a little bit to avoid being sore but don’t overdo anything, listen to what your body needs. If you read my post on keep reading you’ll all be happy to know I left that little miserable novel I was reading in a lobby somewhere for someone else to find and maybe enjoy, so I have a new novel to read while I’m resting if I feel up to it.

Later in the evening I’m planning a nice warm relaxing epsom salt bath to help my muscles relax. I have plain unscented but eucalyptus is good too for when your feeling unwell.

I am having mushroom soup for lunch. Sometimes when we are sick we may have a reduced appetite but it is important to stay nourished and keep to our routine of healthy eating. Broth based soups are one of the better choices as they are easy on the stomachs and can help sooth any sore throats as well. I’m fresh out of all that so mushroom soup will have to do.

Again I am NOT a physician do not take any of what I have mentioned or whatever else you read on the internet too seriously regarding health, if you have any medical or health concerns a doc should be the person you get advice from. If your treating yourself for a cold or whatever go check in with a doc if your symptoms continue to get worse or don’t let up in a few days.

So much fun being sick right at the start of my weekend. I work every second one and this is mine off. Nice that I have that recovery time but sucks I won’t be out doing fun things. I have my posts for the weekend already typed up and on a schedule to post thank goodness for that. So if you don’t see me liking or commenting on your blogs or responding back know that I am not ignoring you personally, this lady is just ignoring everyone!

Feel free to share with me things you do while your sick to feel better.

Hope you are at least enjoying your weekends and stay healthy my friends.




34 thoughts on “Sick Day

    1. Yeah that is another one I am able to use so when I came across this one I am well relieved of the taste. This Nin Jiom is delicious in comparison! The Virus is Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. Nothing major, if I have it I’ll be over in it a week or so. I do not have sores on my hands feet or anywhere yet but the fever and sore throat set the first symptoms. Hoping I don’t have it but it’s so contagious! Not common in adults but it does happen.


  1. Oh no! Hope you’re feeling better. What a great post. I didn’t realize the affect of cough syrup on asthma. Glad there’s something that works for you.

    LOVE that you work with the elderly. My mom was a charge nurse in a nursing home for ten years. And, well I’ve been writing all those stories about my grandparents, so that’s just kind of cool.

    That honey sounds so amazing. Yum. πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re on the mend soon. PS So glad to hear you gave up that novel!!!!! And, that’s so awesome that you left it in a lobby for someone else! Love that! πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh thank you. Yeah if you read the warning labels on a lot of medicine it says may cause difficulty breathing. There is a lot of stuff out there I can’t take.
      It can be a taxing job at times but helping people and seeing there faces of relief when I’ve helped them makes it worth it. Though sometimes I feel so exhausted from the whole thing.

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    1. It’s almost inevitable. I’m usually good most of the time my immune system is tough enough to fight it off before it even gets me but this time nope it got me. Hope you feel better too or you get it fought away before it takes you down.

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    1. Ah man, when you work with the public that closely sometimes it’s hard to avoid! I don’t imagine that was a easy profession either I know I was a terrible teenager. Though rewarding. What did you teach?

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    1. I’m hoping it’s just a mild thing and not the other, last thing i want is gross blistery things. Hearing your symptoms are the same puts my mind at ease I probably have some little bug and I’ll be better by Monday! Hope you feel better soon too!

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  2. I hope you recover quickly and that it’s not something serious! Also, I hope all the people inflicted with the virus heal well. That sounds scary! I just had a really bad sore throat and still have a sinus thing going but it’s not too bad now. I don’t really do anything special when I’m sick, just extra rest when I can and lots & lots of throat drops, especially with menthol. And cold things like ice cream to soothe my throat. I don’t have a health condition that makes throat drops and meds dangerous for me. When I was very young I had asthma (and still do since it doesn’t go away) and I had to go to an emergency room one night and use inhalers for years. I had nearly constant symptoms but not always severe. My inhalers worked well. But I lost my health insurance and couldn’t pay for the medication anymore. But coincidentally, my symptoms became so mild and infrequent right when I wasn’t able to get health insurance anymore. So it’s almost like I don’t have it anymore, thankfully. I still feel it occasionally and wasn’t supposed to stop taking the medication but luckily it’s much better. It can be very scary! It’s great that you have many home remedies since you can’t have the store bought stuff. I hope you stay safe!


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