Try me – Part 1

Hello everyone,

In my task to complete deep cleaning my entire home I have stumbled upon this stash of samples. Oh gosh, tucked away in a bag under the sink. I would somehow obtain samples in my journey’s and come home and toss them in the bag never to be seen again. Until now…

Over the next little while I am going to use up these samples and see if I have a hidden little gem here and get rid of this outstanding stash! I’m a little embarrassed there is so much there I hadn’t realized how full that bag had gotten over time. Now I have everything here from teeth whitening, to laundry soap, to fem hygiene, to perfume, to makeup and beauty products! My least favourite thing about samples is they never have expiration dates! I sorted through it now, tossed away some questionable samples and I’ve already tried a few out to share my thoughts with you.


Pantene Expert Collection Pro V Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner.

Let me first start of by saying Age Defy? Come on, it’s inevitable that we age so a shampoo and conditioner is not going to help me defy my age! I pulled myself past that and thought about my hair and some of the care it needs. I talked a lot about my hair in a previous post Arctic Blonde. Anyway in that post I mention I have been struggling with my hair for a long time. I struggle with a pigment deficiency that leads to premature greying. I found my first silvery strand at age 17. I proceeded to abuse my hair with regular hair colouring to the point of serious damage 11 years of colouring every 4 months or so will do that. I haven’t coloured my hair in two years and recently started a new treatment that enhances my Arctic Blonde. I’m thinking of doing a post on hair treatment for grey hair. If this would interest you let me know I’ll get one together. Anyway I’ve rambled away, all that being said a few things on the package enticed me. It says Fights 7 signs of aging hair; Breakage, Split ends, Frizz, Unruly Grey’s Lackluster colour, Thin Look, and Dryness. Who doesn’t want a hair care product to help deal with all those issue’s. It has a nice light scent subtle with a hint of coconut. I appreciate that it lathers well I don’t know why but I love making as much lather as possible and making foamy hair styles in the bath. I feel if it’s not foaming I’m not being cleaned which may not be true I just like it. It does mention it is gentle enough for daily use for colour treated hair. Though I do not have colour treated hair I do put a brightening shampoo in monthly to tame the harsh yellow tones that come with grey hair. So knowing it won’t strip that away I appreciate. My hair does feel really soft after washing and I’m really impressed. I think I will add this to my shopping list! This sample is a win!


Refresh Botanicals

Firstly all the products in this line say n the package no gluten, animal by-products, artificial fragrances, parabens, alcohols and petroleum by-products. There is no list on the sample of what the other ingredients are so I’m really nervous about this one being expired. Like what is holding this product together and how long could it possibly last without any preservatives in it? Of course samples never have expiration dates but I cross my fingers and dive in. This product states made in Canada which I appreciate, love to support my Canadian homies and buy locally whenever possible!

Eye + Face Makeup Remover. This preformed well, really gentle for the eyes too. It is almost scent free but I do smell the cucumber extracts, I didn’t smell sour or gross so I’m going to go ahead and say the stuff wasn’t expired. The stuff was unable to remove all the mascara but I’m seeing that’s a problem product for some other products to remove. Whats that stuff made of that nothing is removing it!?

Foaming Facial Cleanser. Again really gentle product, this gave me that satisfying lather and was able to help me out with that leftover mascara residue I really enjoyed this one!

Facial Toner. This one was a little strange for me. My skin kind of felt sticky after using this as it dried that feeling subsided and I moved on to the next step. Probably one of the most gentle toner’s I’ve ever used it would take more than the one application to see if it really made a difference for my skin.

Daily Facial Moisturizer. I wasn’t as impressed with this product as much as the other. Maybe I’m just spoiled from my Linacare but this is most certainly not going to take it’s place. My skin feels soft but almost like a residue is left on. It started to roll as I was applying it I’m a little worried about this one it probably was expired. I’m not surprised the moisturizer is expired and the others were not, lotions tend to break down a lot easier than other products and without something to bind it and keep it from spoiling it’s not going to last long. I may give it another chance though before I completely judge it as a fail. Over all 3 out of 4 products here were a win for me!


Jergens Overnight Repair

This products claims to repair a weeks worth overnight. I’m not so sure about that or what damage is being done in a week! I haven’t noticed my skin being very dry I don’t normally have a lot of dry skin on my body, sometimes my hands and face though. I used this product on my legs i noticed it disappeared fast it was barely enough to do my legs as a lot goes a little ways. It’s a bit thick and doesn’t like long for the skin to “suck it up” It has a light scent, the package does say it’s a rich blend of antioxidant vitamins and pure evening Primrose extract, so that’s probably what I am smelling. I apreciate that it has not left my legs feeling sticky, they do feel soft and moisturized I don’t know about the whole overnight things though yet so I’ll still have to test that out. So far so good, I would purchase this after trying! Comes with a coupon so how can I go wrong!?


Tokyo Milk / Dark Shea Butter Handcreme in “Tainted Love”

Can I just say wow! even as I sit here typing I can’t help but smell my hands! It’s so good, what I appreciate the most is the scent smells the same in the package as it does on my skin. It didn’t sour or change unpleasantly! I don’t notice if it was particularly moisturizing my hands do feel soft but they were soft pre-lotion too. I must get the actual product here I need to have more of this scent in my life! Such a sexy appealing scent like if Vanilla were spicy. It does list the scent as Dark Vanilla Bean, Orchid, White Tea, Sandalwood. I may just be getting used to the smell but it seemed to have worn off in the few hours I have been wearing it. I’m left wanting more..

Well that’s it for me today and the sampling. If this cleanup keeps going on like this I’ll go broke! So far nothing that I tried today was irritating or I have not had any allergic reactions so that’s really great!


16 thoughts on “Try me – Part 1

  1. I’m like you in that I need lots of lather from my shampoo or else it doesn’t feel as though my hair has been cleaned 🙂 Glad Pantene worked for you. I always experience a lot of hairfall with it, unfortunately.

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    1. I don’t know why I let it get so crazy!? I just never used any for IDK years or something. Now I’m plowing through testers I’ll be at it for weeks! In the future I will attempt to use em up right away instead of allowing them to pile up in a bag under the sink.


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