Getting back out there!

Hello everyone,

It feels like I have been down forever with this injury. I am finally starting to feel like a person with a healthy foot again. Though I still got a ways to go before I am 100% recovered, I am doing so much better now. I had a bad case of Planters Fasciitis and then in November it ruptured! I hadn’t been to my gym for a while because of this, I was just always in so much pain after work, and on days off I would want to rest. Then I ruptured the Planters Fasiciitis and it got a whole lot worse.  For the last week I have been slowly easing back into a fitness routine. I’ve started a monthly “Yoga Camp” by following a youtuber. I’ll link her video below. I’m on day 7 of the 30 days of Yoga camp.

Today I was in the nieghbourhood and decided to drop by the gym I noticed a lot of things have changed since I’ve been to them. There are two gym’s in town with my membership. However one of these have turned into a different gym and that’s where I went for tanning. So I stopped in to see what was going on. There are no more classes at this new gym and it is a branch off of the other now. Offering a more affordable alternative to the other membership. They still have tanning there now but it is included in the membership. I have a free temporary membership there for a limited amount of time because I was a member before it changed so yay there’s that. So my concern now is I am still paying for that tanning which is now included. To my knowledge the other gym does not have tanning, so who am I paying!? I immediately went to the other gym and explained why they haven’t seen me in forever and they told me I should’ve brought a doc’s note to suspend my membership while I was injured! Dammit I could have saved money there, so I’m a little upset about that. I paid that whole time I was down on injury. So I also learned the Gym just got brand new tanning beds and all my tanning information was just transferred over. This lady has options, I now have two gym memberships and two tanning memberships! There is no excuse now for me not to get in there! The one thing I am a little sad about is there is no more hot yoga, at either location. Oh well I got the schedule for the new classes the one location still offers and I’m ready to get back in there! Wondering if I should try to sell off one of these memberships, it’s a little unnecessary.

I am really enjoying following along with these video’s as they are so easy to follow and she caters to all fitness levels. She eases into it really nice and your not thrown in unprepared and feeling overwhelmed. So relaxing for me I do this usually at the end of my day with the lights turned low helps me to ease into my nightly bedtime routine. Also has really been helping me this last week build and stretch my foot injury in a gentle but effective way. Check it out, and join the Yoga Camp Challenge with me!


11 thoughts on “Getting back out there!

  1. Nice!!!! I do yoga with Adrienne too!! I love it! I have done her “yoga when you’re angry”, “yoga when you’re sick”, a detox yoga session, and I have yet to do the back pain one. She’s awesome.

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  2. Oddly enough I severed mine in a track meet. I have had many injuries and if I have been training and fit nothing stops me. I have always been there for any team I was on and for some reason most of them did not show for this National Club Championships. I was entered in the 400, 400 hurdles, each ran twice, the 100 hurdles, ran three times, the long jumps with 6 jumps and I had to pick up slack.

    Fortunately the first 2 events I was done with and won them both. The long jump is set on a runway and over the years my run up has been 118 feet and I jump off of my left foot. I had new socks and the board was not painted it was a slightly elevated board which gives you some spring. I did my first jump and went around 23 feet, more than enough to be in the top three and make the finals. I felt like my sock bloke and I had a broke the socks and there was loose string. I had so much adrenaline and felt no pain. I went to the trainer and they said I was done for the day and I said no take care of it. They carefully taped my foot and my team was within a few points of winning the meet and I needed better than 3rd in the LJ to get 2 more and I had to place in the 110 meter hurdles, an event I am bad at and opted to run the 200 based on who showed up. I finished 2nd in the LJ and 4th in the hurdles, enough to win but my team did not have enough people to run relays and I had to pad our lead. I finished 3rd in the 200 and volunteered to run the 800, where I lagged in last as the adrenaline wore off and I was hurting. Somehow, I kicked in (this was not a field I towered over) with 300 to go and ended up sprinting home for the win and the added 17 points I got secured a team win. I never had any setbacks with it otherwise, despite the positioning and did not need surgery. I guess I was both dumb and lucky.

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    1. Wow! That’s incredible! I couldn’t put weight or even walk on my foot I’m still having pain months later! I know when it ruptured I did still work that day it was the next day I couldn’t even stand up on my own!

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      1. One thing you can do is ice and finger massages, they work well and either getting a PF sock, which stretches it at night and also loosens your achilles would help. You can use kinesiology tape on it being it is flexible and you can keep it on for days at a time:)

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      2. My sports med doc has me doing some very valuable stretches and strengthening on it. I’m nearing the completion of recovery! I use a frozen coke bottle with water to massage it and I do give it a nice massage every night. I am already wearing compression socks during the day, and yoga is helping me stretch out those tight calves. I will overcome this! Rawr!

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      3. Do you have just the compression socks or the ones that wrap from your toes and pull upward to passively stretch it at night? I also have my own stim machine, so some things I can do myself.


      4. I have 20-30mmHg so no you do not wear these to bed that would be bad. I use to have to wear the aircast to bed and well all the time. I don’t need that anymore. sometimes if it’s really so sore I wear a dorsal-flex support at night, but I haven’t had to as much this past week.


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