NOTW – Shine Brightly

Hello everyone,

I just love a new manicure, taking the time to do something for myself and having an evening of relaxation, because lets face it your basically helpless while your manicure is curing. It gives me an excuse not to have to get up and refill the tea cups or do the dishes, yes! Some people say things to me like “how do you have the patience for that? I just couldn’t do it.” To me I feel like I have to, I look forward to Sunday evening when I get to pull my paints out of the treasure box and focus on me and pretty things. The more intricate of a nail design I come up with, the longer I can justify being in relax mode and use the line “can you honey, my nails.”


Something about this shade of polish just makes me happy! When I wear it I am more aware of my hands and can’t help but admire them! I’s such a unique pink, sometimes I look at it and see orange. Just so bright and almost like a florescent glow! It’s probably one of the most used polish’s in my collection aside from Essie’s Fiji. This is the kind of colour that gets noticed from across the room. You can’t not see it as it draws your eyes to it’s spectacular wonder. If I’m ever feeling down this is the my go to shade, you’ll probably notice I like to go back to it. I haven’t really tried any nail art with this shade mostly I just wear as is.


This week I obtained a new polish from a brand I have never tried before. Such A unique glitter effect I really like it. I was hoping the yellowy-orange glitters would stand out a little more than they do but still looks nice as an accent nail. I think in the future I’ll try it on a white base and see how it holds up. You may have noticed I have been going back and using Sally Hansen’s miracle gel again as a top coat I just love it! I work with my hands a lot at work and I’m noticing less chips and my manicure still looks great when I change it.


Looks like this lady is going to need base coat soon. Color Club in Poptastic, ibd in Bellinis & bikinis, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.

Remember it’s important to take some time for yourself, and appreciate yourself. Give yourself a good manicure, your nails will love you for it and you’ll be surprised what a pop of colour can do for your mood.


9 thoughts on “NOTW – Shine Brightly

  1. I tried commenting on this when I saw you posted it but my comment wouldn’t go through. I love it! It’s so pretty and reminds me of the quote “A girl is only helpless when her nail polish is wet!” So true! Lol πŸ˜‰ And I think a woman should be waited on hand & foot as her nails are drying! Some years ago I got a French manicure at a salon and the tips were a similar pink color as this instead of the typical white. It was so pretty. This color really stands out. My manicure got so many compliments. And I love glitter! I love painting my nails, it’s so uplifting! πŸ˜€

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    1. I just love that, non traditional french manicure colours! I’ve used this many times sometimes with black tips. Stunning, I get compliments every time I wear this colour! I am wanting to find more in the line!

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  2. You did well, Genevieve. But for myself, I use black and red, usually. Pink is only my color in May, the month of Mother’s Day. Any other time would never happen for me. But you are the pink lady of love and awesomeness.

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