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Hello everyone,

So my section of the bookshelf dedicated to unread novels seems to get bigger all the time. I’m such an impulse shopper and that dang top 10 best seller display gets me. How do some of these novels get on that list, I mean really who is rating these? I’m kind of stuck in a book I’m not yet enjoying. I want to and keep picking it up hoping it will grab my attention. So far it has not. I’m ready to read one of these, any of these in hopes I will be more entertained. Life is too short for bad wine, er, I mean books..

So, question for you. When your reading a novel you thought was going to be good but it’s turning out to be a dud how long do you give it? Do you bear down and push through it? Do you have a formula that determines how long to proceed before “accidentally” dropping it in the bath water? Someone told me they minus their age from 100, if they reach that page number still uninterested they do not proceed.

Please leave me your thoughts in the comments I’m interested to see how many keep reading or close it and move on.


27 thoughts on “Keep Reading

  1. Love that age from 100 to page idea. Clever. Wish I could say I give new books that don’t suit me that long. Usually, a few pages or a chapter in, will tend to tell if it’s a keeper on the reading list for me. That’s funny about the wine and bath water. šŸ™‚

    This post made me wonder though, am I giving a book a real chance by giving up so soon? Great post! Thank you. šŸ™‚

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    1. See, and I’ve been pushing through this one. It gives me moments when I just want to toss it at the wall. I’ve rolled my eyes and even scoff out loud at it. Am I putting myself through un-neccesary torture, or will there by that ah-ha moment at the end? I do like that formula idea too, I might end up adopting it.

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      1. If you get through it, maybe you could tell if the ah-ha was there? That may keep me reading some I’m not so crazy about! Ha! šŸ™‚ Funny about the wanting to toss and eye rolling! If that was the author’s intention, they’re right on target. Ha.

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    1. I’ve always pushed on to, I’m beginning to wonder though is it worth it? When your mother finishes a book she wasn’t that into is there a moment she’s relieved or glad she finished like some Ah-ha moment that makes it worth it?

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      1. See I don’t read that fast I bring it to the bath with me so when the water gets chilled I’m done reading. I guess if it’s really good I’ll read it till I drop but that doesn’t happen a lot.

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      1. Hahaha! I know exactly what you mean. In my case, the feeling is even worse if I bought the book compared to if it’s just a borrowed one. Hmmm …


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