Don’t forget to breathe..

… very important to remember this while doing yoga. What’s Yoga you ask? It is when fur-less creatures lay on the mat and pretend to be a animals! Sometimes if your feeling really naughty you can get the fur-less creature when they are pretending to be dogs. They should not be pretending to be dogs! Dogs are clumsy, hyper animals and you do not want your fur-less creature to be one! In order to prevent this behavior keep yourself limber and flexible using the stretch techniques of yoga. Try this pose in the featured image, don’t worry if you can’t get there yet keep practicing. It’s also important to encourage your fur-less creature while they are in cat pose but as soon as you see dog that’s your chance to get them! Whatever it takes bite at the tail on the top of their head jump on their back, or my favourite, use the legs as a stretch and scratch post!


8 thoughts on “Don’t forget to breathe..

    1. Oh thanks! He is a mix of tabby and ragdoll. He can be a pain in my butt sometimes but he’s pretty and we love him. He’s so funny I just started practicing Yoga and he’ll actually lay beside me in this sphinx position almost as though he is practicing yoga as well. It kills me.

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