Makeup and Beauty Product Cull

Hello everyone,

Yes it is that time again for another one of my cull’s. Life is too short to waste time on bad products. I am really working purging all rooms of my house right now, starting with the bathroom and the vanity. I’m going to work my way through the whole house one room at a time. I’m a little behind with my home deep cleaning schedule due to my injury but now that I am mostly recovered I can get back to it. Not many of the products and things I’ve been trying I have enjoyed this month. I think my favourites post this month might be smaller than some of my previous because of this. As my cull’s get bigger and more frequent the favourites decrease.


First up to hit the trash bin L’oreal Paris Studio Line 24H Finishing Spray. This stuff I suppose worked okay like it said it was supposed to. Has a strong hold but is soft to the touch. I didn’t mind it too much. My biggest problem with it is the smell. I know hairspray usually isn’t a pleasant smell but this is the worst! It’s like poison, and it lingers. I’ll come home from work and still smell hairspray poison in the air. It’s not necessary I can find a better product that doesn’t smell like it’s taking years away from my life.


Fresh Aluminum Free Deodorant. I don’t know how this was able to call itself a deodorant I smelt like a dirty hippie all day long. You need to keep reapplying it and even then I can still smell my sweat. Don’t take this to the gym! I do a lot of moving around in my day and I need something I can rely on to get me through. This just let me down over and over again all day.

L’oreal Voluminous Miss Manga. My initial reaction to this wand was fear. The wand is ridiculously flexible maybe a little too much. It was a bit too clumpy, due to the shape of the wand I found the tip always pulled out too much product at the end. The first time I used it, I made a little mess but I got the hang of it finally, and then Miss Manga Rock came out I tossed this baby aside and never looked back! It’s time for it to go to the mascara heaven.


During Summer months I don’t really wear a foundation more of a tinted moisturizer preferable something with an SPF. This didn’t have SPF for a 9 in 1 it was missing one of the most important things for our skin! I grabbed this when I was on a trip in Manitoba during the summer because I couldn’t find my favourite one, I searched so many drug stores, I just grabbed this one because I was tired and needed something. I grabbed medium because I was sporting a nice tan and fair was way too light for me. I immediately regretted that decision as it oxidized darker and orange. I looked like a friggin’ Oompa Loompa! Don’t even get me started on texture and blending issues. I tried using it as a bronzer just to try to use it up so it wasn’t a complete waste but it just wouldn’t blend out.


Eucerin Intensive Lip Balm. I was really excited about this because I’ve tried products from this line in the past and they were decent. With the harsh winter and dry climate I’m in, lip care is a priority. This did preform well I can’t complain about that, just whatever you do do not lick your lips, it’s straight poison tasting. It doesn’t smell like poison but dang it sure tastes like it, for a product I’m putting on my mouth I would prefer it not to taste like death.


Neosporin Overnight lip health, overnight renewal therapy. I think the package instructions said to apply this at night and you’ll see results within three days I can’t remember. Anyway the product itself is really thick, kind of greasy almost like Vaseline. It felt like it just sat on the lips being all greasy. About a week into using this everyday at night I woke up and it felt like I had a second skin on my lips like a film. I checked it out in the mirror and as soon as I smiled or moved my mouth it cracked and was peeling, it was painful and took days to heal! So this is a major fail, if you see this and are thinking of getting it, I warned you. It does have a lot of great reviews though so I don’t know what they were using but, this was bad!


Annabelle Lipsies Lip Balm in Salted Caramel and Peach Melba. I don’t know if these were a limited edition thing or not but they came in a pack of two and were dirt cheap. The packaging is pretty cute maybe too cute I feel like a child when I pull these out. This is the first product Ive tried from Annabelle and it’s not doing the company any favours. Initially I thought the smell was fun and I liked it but I quickly tired of it and it was just sickly sweet. It looks good on the lips right up until you mash them together or wear them for any length of time. The colour settles into the lips and looks really bad. I tried layering it over lipstick and it just carried the lipstick into liplines.

So that concludes my Makeup and Beauty Products Cull, at least for now.


5 thoughts on “Makeup and Beauty Product Cull

  1. Agree totally with the mascara! The wand is so difficult to use because it won’t stay still when I’m putting it on. That one went straight in my ‘box of shame’ aka all the products I didn’t like and gave away to friends and family!

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