The Falsies Push Up Drama

Hello everyone,

I have been trying this mascara out for a couple weeks now using it daily and I’m ready to share my thoughts on it. I don’t normally buy any Maybelline products i don’t know why this is but this is the only product I currently have from Maybelline on my vanity.

Just a bit of a background story I absolutely love having major dramatic eyelashes, but I don’t like spending major dramatic prices. So I am always on the hunt for a good affordable option. I have my favourites but, I do like to try and see if there is something bigger and better more dramatic. I am not into wearing false eyelashes, it’s not for me. I had a terrible glue incident at Halloween, and I doubt I’ll be trying that again.

I guess you want to know the Halloween story now. I picked out these fabulously ridiculous feather lashes to go with my witch costume, my hat had raven feathers on it, it was perfect I was going to be scary as heck! I got them on as a trail it was fabulous I think I have a picture. The next time the glue was stuck it wouldn’t squeeze out. I poked at it and that didn’t help. So I pointed the glue down at a piece of scrap paper and squeezed harder. The friggin’ glue hit the scrap paper, and jumped off landing in my face, hair, and dress. It was the worst stinging pain in the eye, I thought I was going to be blind. I never wore false lashes again. Anyone know a good way to get eyelash glue out of clothing? Let me know in the comments if you do, my little black dress will appreciate it!


Anyway I’ve got too far off topic here. What I was trying to say was YEAH I want falsies Pushup looking eyelashes without the gluing! So I grabbed my new treasure and had high hopes for it. Maybe my expectations are too high, more often than not I am disappointed by the products I have been trying out.



Firstly the packaging was a little misleading a part of me thought it was a dual wand with it’s pretty pink and red tube. I know I’m not the only one that thought that it really looks like a dual ended mascara. The wand itself is really skinny and plastic with small sharp spaced out bristles! It looks pretty scary if you actually poked yourself with this it would do damage. The packaging does say to sweep starting at the base of the lashes out, and not to wiggle out as you normally would. I did this wrong at first and it was clumping like crazy.

The Formula is really wet and stays wet for several minutes. Probably why they say to sweep not wiggle. So the first time I put this on and it was clumpy I combed it all out perfect and loved the way it looked. Than I sneezed, shut my eyes while I did so, and when that was over I had racoon eyes. Like I said it is pretty wet. The next time I immediately sprayed my face with a setting spray after applying my mascara. The mascara was still wet and the setting spray smeared it. It’s not looking good for this stuff. I finally get it now, as long as you sweep for no clumping, don’t sneeze or spray for at least several minutes until dried, you will get nice spidery looking lashes. Also it’s possible to get it on your lid if you aren’t careful I didn’t like using this at all for lower lashes for this reason. The formula does not layer well, you want to get the look while it’s wet and leave it, if you go back in thinking you can get ridiculous lashes don’t even bother. For the individual that likes long lashes this is really nice if you prefer natural looking lashes this is not for you, if you like dramatic ridiculous lashes like me there’s better products out there. I did not experience any flakes at all, and once it was dry they it not smear. I used this product for a couple weeks now and the weirdest thing about it is it almost gets better with age. I don’t know as it dries down I’m liking it more than that initial super wet feeling I originally felt. My lashes already have a nice curl to them so I didn’t notice if it affected that and I almost feel like it made my lashes look straighter? I did switch up my makeup remover so this may have something to do with it but I’ve been having a heck of a time getting this stuff off and I didn’t even get the waterproof formula. I do have to say this stuff did not power through my whole day, by the end of the day it looks like my lashes are weighed down and not dramatic at all.


Overall I would not repurchase this, I’ll probably use it up anyway or at least until the next mascara makes it home with me.


I see you over there lookin’ at me!


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