I ate something I wasn’t allowed..

.. it made me sick, I spent all morning in the box and making messes. That dang fur less creature of mine put me in the water, how degrading, now I’m grumpy. At least I get a special grooming treatment.


20 thoughts on “I ate something I wasn’t allowed..

    1. Oh it is a terrible thing. She has such a sensitive tummy it doesn’t take much to upset it. The worst part of our life’s was trying to find a food that didn’t make her sick. Last night she liked clean a plate of salmon when we weren’t looking, we had it for dinner and it had butter too. I think the butter must be what “loosened” things up. Naughty kitty, now she’s all snugly with me.

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      1. Some do more than others. I had a cat growing up that would hunt all night and leave them in front of the door like 4 or 5 everyday. I have had cats that don’t hunt at all and some that would eat their kills. My current kitties are strictly indoor so they don’t do much hunting, but even the smell of cats will deter mice.

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