If This Looks Familiar to You..

..then we have something in common. This is pretty much my spouse, he tells me all the time he didn’t eat anything because there is no food. One look from me and I can make something out of the supposed nothing. I remember the first time we went grocery shopping as a couple. It sucked, we couldn’t agree on anything, spent way too much money, and threw out a lot of stuff that ended up going bad. I think our first real disagreement and fight was in a grocery store. Imagine too very indecisive people in the pasta aisle trying to decide over Penne or Rigatoni. Four years later our shopping trips are without argument and we save more money, produce less waste, and spend less time in the pasta aisle trying to decide. So what changed?

We developed a very effective way to make shopping a breeze, even with the grumpiest shopper. Every thursday we get flyers for the stores in our area. After a quick browse though them we decide which store has the best deals for what we are wanting. We draw up a two week menu containing the entree’s we have agreed upon. I usually try to incorporate one or two new entree’s we never tried before and test out a new to me recipe. we pick our cooking days based on the work schedule I do about 90% of the cooking but yes I do get a couple days off.  From there we make a grocery list based off the recipes on our menu and when we hit the store we only buy what is on the list. This method has saved us a lot of money and I can say our food waste is next to nothing. It only takes a short time out of our lives to do this menu planning and the benefits are so worth it. Try it out let me know how it works for you. The best part is I never get asked the question “what’s for dinner?” and I never have to come home from work and try to improvise a dinner that makes no sense together. Here’s the menu for the next two weeks at my house!



Better pull the chicken!


14 thoughts on “If This Looks Familiar to You..

    1. I love date night! Some couples I know forget to include date night to me it’ so important to the relationship to still make time for dating each other. even if it is only twice a month or so. We take turns taking the other out for date night.

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      1. Ah that’s so nice! One of my resolutions last year was date night once a month. We kept to it and it’s brilliant. It is really important to remember that you’re still a couple as well as parents. So easy to get into a rut otherwise. X


  1. We have what we call date night once a week. We may not go out but we make sure to focus on each other that one night no exceptions! And the meal planning is impressive. How do you not have a leftovers night?

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    1. That’s great, I’m glad to hear that. Leftovers are usually taken for lunches the next day. There would not be enough to do a whole meal. sometimes if there are enough leftovers I’ll just push the next meal to another day. Better to be over prepared than under.


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