Feeling Rough This Morning..

Hello everyone,

A buddy of my spouse and mine recently went down to Mexico. They brought back with them some foreign booze, you know the one that actually has the worm in it. Oh man I am feeling rough today. Kind of feels like I was touched by death. I am clearly not 20 years old any more and am not cut out for foreign booze. So I have been rummaging my home for anything to consume that might make me feel better. I found some things I can make into a smoothie so here it goes my hangover smoothie.

Mango Smoothie

2 mango’s, peeled or sliced (frozen works well too)

2 cups Plain Yogurt

1 orange, juiced (or a 1/4 – 1/2 cup orange juice)

2 tsp honey

1 cup ice

Combine all ingredients in the blender, Plug ears and process. Pour into glass and enjoy.

As you can imagine I didn’t get much done today except for lay around and feel sorry for myself and the damage I inflicted by consuming absolute poison.


Here we have a mother English Ivy This thing is out of control. I fear one day I’ll have to move out so it can take over. I already have a daughter planted in a pot there in the picture. Today I trimmed off a vine that was trying to strangle my Avocado tree and put it in that glass of water to allow it to root. Who’s idea was it to bring this English Ivy in to my house, pretty soon my mother plant is going to be a grandma! Anyone want an Ivy to decorate their interior with I’m clearly in the business.

That’s pretty much the only chore I successfully completed today. So I am going to crawl back into a dark corner of my living room under a snugly blanket, and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.


18 thoughts on “Feeling Rough This Morning..

  1. Yep foreign alcohol shows you what the proof on labels in the US means not a whole helluva lot. I remember going on a cruise with an ex to Mexico. She went to the meetings about if you drink have one third of what you have at home. I did not go as I am a huge straight up drinker and she is a mixed light drinker, wine and occasional beer. A 5 hour adventure on basically mules, a shot of Tequila, a half bottle of beer and she had two sips of her yard Margarita and she passed out. mind you the night before in The Bahamas, she drank 3 shots of Tequila and had two yards and was fine. I ended up in Mexico drinking 3 yards, 5 shots and went out while she was passed out.

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    1. Unregulated foreign alcohol is deadly! I honestly don’t drink very often, and when I do it’s like a 1 or 2. Shots of worm booze i don’t even know what it is that’s a disaster. I woke up the 2nd morning still feeling sorry for myself! Thanks for sharing that story though, someone should have told me that piece of advice!

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      1. Yea it is real alcohol. My ex thought because we trained hard and did shots before the cruise that she would be OK. She upset the bus driver and she had to go to the bathroom and actually went in the bus. It was horrible but funny. It’s funny about the alcohol as I drink overproof at times and that is 130-151 yet this was stronger. The seemingly slushee yard margaritas at Nassau cost 27 each, in Mexico, almost all alcohol and 11 bucks.

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      2. Real Alcohol!! More like real poison!! I guess the lady that sold my buddy the booze actually asked him if he was sure he wanted it and to be careful. They got it from the backroom for him. It cost, I think he said it cost 4 bucks Canadian?

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      3. I have heard the beer in CA is as strong as it is in Mexico. That I just can’t drink. They sell their beer, crafts and animals cheap. My ex wanted to buy a dog. I was like yea you’ve had too much they won’t less us on the boat and if lucky enough to get on the boat the puppy would be quarantined when we get off.

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      4. I can’t say I had a beer in Mexico to test that theory but I also haven’t had a beer in the USA either. So I don’t know about any of that. Buy a dog!? Just grab one of those random ones that are everywhere!

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      5. They were selling purebred dogs with papers sold by a vet for 50 bucks. At the time I had a female Jack Russell and I tried bringing her to a breeder twice and it did not work out so well. I had a dog when I was 11 that had a litter and I kept the Runt and named him it. He lived 19 years. The girl after I named Squirt.

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      6. I suppose you could turn a profit on that. I’ve heard of people spending hundreds for purebred. All the pets I’ve ever had were rescues. I have two cats right now I found abandoned. Runt and Squirt Ahah that’s cute!

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      7. Runt, I got his mom from friend up the block that had a litter. She cost me 500. My sister got two Goldens, 1 for 800 and the other 1500. That was 10 years ago. Squirt was 99

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      8. Yep but her dumbass husband buried antifreeze in the backyard and they dug it up and it cost 2500 each for emergency charcoal treatment

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      9. Well you are not allowed to throw it out. My sister over buys and he couldn’t flush it so he buried it in the yard. Mind the house behind them was vacant


      10. They were fine. They were her first pets. The two here now were basically from my other sister who was even more neglectful than this one is. Her husband went to NC and his parents have land and they have tons of bugs bought various pets, I would including 3 donkeys, not counting chickens or ducks, about and 10 died including a 4 year old healthy golden from lyme disease. Funny as I am watching Star Wars the regular size one was on the Critics Choice and it was funny. I want to buy one to use it for a day and return it:)


      11. Our convo on alcohol quickly gave me inspiration on alcohol. 1 minute for pics and a name and 90 seconds to write. That stuff you personally should never drink. I may actually switch from my go to movie to Eurotrip in light of just the one scene with it. LOL

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