NXY High Voltage Lipsticks

Hello everyone,

Today I am wanting to talk about these new to me lipsticks. I think they were released just about a year ago but I somehow never noticed them until now. I saw them on for a great sale and couldn’t resist. I just love lipstick as you can probably tell by now from browsing my previous Swatch it’s. I usually grab at least two shades when trying something new to me because sometimes the consistency varies shade to shade, also if the product is a complete fail I’m not out too bad. There are 22 shades in this collection.


From Left to Right I got the colours Sweet 16 and Burlesque.

The Packaging on these tubes is terrible. It’s a very slender long tube, with a clear cap that is supposed to click shut, it doesn’t always and mine got cracked.  I had Burlesque in my purse, a key ornament of a dolphin I have got it’s tail fin in there and got lipstick on everything!  The dolphin was literally swimming in lipstick. So that was fun to clean up. I still have burlesque all over some things like my passport for example. Oh the joys of being a lipstick junkie. Now I keep it in a Ziploc baggy when I throw it in my purse. So packaging fails for the product.

I love how pigmented the colours are. I normally can’t get away with lighter shades like that Sweet 16 but it goes on really smooth and really vibrant. The formula is easily build able and blends with other shades really nicely for an ombre lip look. I didn’t use a lip liner with either of these but i did use a lip brush to line and fill in the colour. The bullet itself is easy enough to use but with dark colours if you mess up it is quite staining and you’ll have to clean it up with makeup remover.

The formula is super creamy and very easy to wear. They dry nicely on the lips and don’t transfer or smear as some lipsticks tend to do, I mean they do slightly but not too bad. I got about 5 hours of wear on these before requiring a touch up, however you will want to do a touch up after eating they are not completely transfer resistant. They didn’t feather or settle into lip lines either over time just faded out.  What I appreciate is that there is no offensive scent, it’s very mild smelling I can’t place my finger on it, I want to say marshmallow. A really light sweet scent anyway, marshmallow is the only thing I can think of to describe it.

I am loving these lipsticks so much I am going to be picking up more shades without hesitation. I just really wish the packaging was better I mean I broke it the first time it went in my purse. I do recommend this product if you haven’t already try them out!


12 thoughts on “NXY High Voltage Lipsticks

    1. I’m glad your entertained by my lipstick struggle, Imagine my pain every time I present my passport all smeared in lipstick, or my lipstick smeared money. or me not realizing my keys key covered in lipstick and touching my face. yea that was sure entertaining!

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