I command you..

.. get out of bed and feed me already, this is no time for cat napping. Oh and I left you a present it the in the hallway, it’s a hairball. That will teach you to miss my nightly grooming.


23 thoughts on “I command you..

    1. Why did I get stuck with not one but two cats with sensitive stomachs. Getting presents is a regular thing around here. Better since I found a food that’s gentle on their stomachs though. With longer haired cats presents are common place too. It’s like Christmas morning!

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  1. Yes. My son, Roar, went outside and was absent from when I showed up at my client’s place. When he showed up, he acted like there was no problem with his absence and that I shouldn’t be mad at his cat ass. I was PISSED. I told off that cat like it was nothing, and he screamed at me that I should have pet him more. I was so irritated that I sent him to his father’s room (my client’s roommate).

    #demanding #animals #hadenoughofcatsandtheircatasses

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      1. Haha!! They’ll never let me go back to bed. They’ll waylay me and try to trip me on my way back to bed or start meowing really loud to get me out of bed again so I can scratch behind their ears.

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  2. Also, to gain revenge against my cats, I nominated YOU for the Liebster Award in my latest blog. I couldn’t spell your name correctly. Sorry. But know that my lack of spelling does not deter from your awesomeness. I just can’t spell.

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