NOTW – Infinite

Hello Everyone,

I had a lovely day visiting with my mother. I did her nails as well using last weeks nail look. I meant to take a photo of her nails but I forgot to. My mother can grow such long thick beautiful nails. They are lovely to work with. I’ll have to show you guys them next time. I wanted to conclude my first impressions from last weeks nail polish. It was my first impressions using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. The bottle advised I didn’t need to use a base coat I’m going to have to go and disagree. Use a base coat unless you want to have ugly yellow stained nails. Other than that I was impressed with the product. Sometimes when my nails are soft from being wet they bend a little bit and the polish cracks. That did not happen with miracle gel. I didn’t try to get it to last as long as possible but it would have probably lasted longer than the week. I did however notice it shrunk, I mean I could see the tips of my nails, not from chipping but from the polish shrinking.

For this weeks manicure I have used the miracle gel top coat over regular nail polish to test how it stands up that way. I’ll let you know how it goes next week. I found these cute stars in a nail art kit I picked up and just had to get on the galaxy nail trend. I can’t remember where I saw it first but this is my version of it. The “Spring Blue” from Santee, I showed this as a replacement for “vintage blue” in a previous post, well it formed bubbles under the polish so looks like it’s time is up now too. I’m going to add it to the cull box until I find a replacement for that colour. That’s silly I need to find a replacement for my replacement.

While I was at my mother’s doing nails we watched the movie Anaconda, what a ridiculous movie. That’s what I thought the whole time we were watching it. Though I may have been more affected by it than I thought because, I had a nice little dream about saving human bait from a snake snack last night. So that was fun.

I made the most delicious dinner for us to eat I just have to share the recipe with you guys! I’m going to write that up next in a new post that I can later link here.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


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