Every Good Lady Deserves..

… a new pair shoes, or three.

As many of you already know I am recovering from an injury of the foot. I had ruptured tissues and planters fasciitis. If your not sure what that is, it’s the complex arch system of the foot. The injury is most common in athletic runners with unchecked planters fasciitis or a strain on the arch ligament of the foot. Mine ruptured so I’ve been really fighting through this injury for quite some time. I think it still will be a little bit before I am back to full health there and I go in to see my sports med doc this Wednesday to see how I’m doing. Going through my shoe closet there’s a lot of footwear in there. I’m a typical lady with a shoe collection. However not a lot of these shoes are appropriate for my recovery. In fact I may have to do a shoe cull soon and that will be really hard for me. In the meantime I splurged and got myself some foot wear that will be more suitable for me and my foot.

I am coming along pretty good with recovery by the way. I haven’t worn the air cast in over two weeks or something. I’m in a lot less pain still some tenderness and discomfort. I am still unable to walk barefoot or stand on my tippy toes. I don’t think I’ll be running for joy just yet. But at least I will have some comfy new shoes to wear while I’m at work, I doubt I’ll be wearing my dress shoes for at least a little while longer. It’ll be good to get some new stretches and exercises from my doc on Wednesday as I don’t think the mild one I was given is doing much anymore. That’s a good thing, still having that limited range of motion happening though.

We are a big mess at my place, my spouse is recovering from his own injury, he dislocated his patella at work awhile back. He seems to be recovering okay, though he is finding his pain is most troublesome at night, he just can’t get comfortable sleeping. Hopefully soon we are both recovered and at work full force.


12 thoughts on “Every Good Lady Deserves..

    1. I got them from a fabulous boutique in town here. The code on the label says K-SWISS 93249-352 M CLASSIC SL P Women’s Cabbage/White. I tried to look up the link on the website but it didn’t come up. Some hits on ebay though.


      1. I’m hoping they are too, I only quickly put them on for sizing. Realizing I have nothing else in that colour though I may have to do a outfit shopping haul next. I think They will be super trendy for fall. Those moccasins though oh man they are cozy and fuzzy inside, so comfy!


      1. I hear you. I tend to lean towards more traditional colors but I probably would’ve scooped those up myself had I saw them while I was shopping. I think I’m going to track them down actually. lol

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      2. I posted the style and code in a reply to Heathers comment, like I said it wasn’t listed on the website but ebay came up with them. The same shoe style too but in bubblegum colour, I usually love all pink but I didn’t like that shade as much as cabbage…

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