The Lady and The Fun Guy

Hello everyone,

I swear I had already posted this on my phone and when I came back to look at it only the picture was there no words! Another WordPress Fail. So here I am re-posting this as I deleted the messed up one ugh!

Anyway, I had a bit of an incident the other day. I went in to check on my seedlings and I found a monster.The peat pots were white and fuzzy and that ugly thing grew. Now, I’m no plant or gardening expert but I can tell you right now that ain’t no Lavender there. That’s fungi! I didn’t know what to do I got scared and panicked. I turned the fungus out into the freezing cold put a lid on it and shut the door. Today my curiosity got the better of me and I went out to check it. I don’t think the cold totally killed it and I’m thinking this to be a failed experiment the whole thing is going in the trash. I did mention in my post Indoor Greenhouse that I was experimenting with planting kiwi and also trying lavender again.Β  I guess some things just weren’t meant to be.

I did a bit of a google search on this and discovered it has happened to others as well. It has something to do with the peat pots I used. They are made up of organic materials including wood. So, as I’m moistening and protecting moisture in my greenhouse, I’m actually creating the perfect environment for this mold and fungus. I may have over-reacted a bit and got too scared of it, what with throwing them away and in the cold but ew, just ew. I’ll just stick to the original plan I set out in 2016 Here I Come and grow Tomato and Basil. There will be no kiwi vines or lavender for this lady.

Have you ever used peat pots and had this happen to you? What did you do?


18 thoughts on “The Lady and The Fun Guy


    P.S. Sorry the fun guy scared you. I hate when Frankenstein plants appear when you don’t mean to. Oops. You can’t go wrong with tomato and basil. Best soup ever.

    #ohgod #sorryforyellingigotexcited #biggoals #gardeningisthebomb #tomatoandbasilequalsyum

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  2. Oh yeah!! I’ve had this happen! I kind of like the little fungi though so I let them do their thing and then they die and it seems anytime the water and moisture and warmth are all aligned perfectly the fungi come back again and again. I had one little pot (also with peat moss – bits of wood – etc) and that pot would have like 25 mushrooms growing all at the same time along with my actual plants. It’s really quite odd. πŸ˜€ I enjoyed your way to deal with the issue… throwing it out in the snow! HAHAAA!!!!


      1. lol!! It cracks me up! πŸ˜€ Actually the spores can spread… mine all tend to appear if I overwater the plants and the dirt stays wet too long. Maybe that’s why a lot of them appear in the woods after it’s been raining a lot.

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      2. Oh gross, I cpuldn’t handle that. Outside maybe but no I don’t want those things in my house. They can stay outside until i can compose myself to dispose of them. I’m turned off from using peat pots though. I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s had it happen to them.


      3. lol!!! Yeah it’s gross. I have 4 terrariums (with moss) inside the apartment here and one shot out a mushroom about 3 days ago. But luckily they are all snug with their own little glass lids… so no spores are circulating in the air. I wouldn’t want them either. Also, I don’t know if you all have wood roaches up thattaway, but wood roaches are attracted to the soft decaying bits of wood in the peat moss too. I have a couple big plastic tubs with it in it and the wood roaches would come at night to munch the wood. You could walk outside and see them in there. Kind of gross…. too similar to those nasty cockroaches (thought different because they eat wood and decaying things in the woods). So there’s reason number 2 to not like peat moss!! potting soil seems to be a good way to go.

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      4. Yikes, I don’t think I’ve come across one of those and I sure hope I never do. I’ve learned so much from you tonight! Thanks for that and discussing gross stuff it’s been a pleasure!


      5. Oh anytime! Ahahaa! You were speaking my language with those gross things! No, you don’t want to see a wood roach. The adult forms are big and have big brown and somewhat translucent wings and they FLY if you try to get near them. Eww. I will have to wander to your Blog now and again to comment on future exciting things. Have a good evening! πŸ™‚

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      6. Oh gosh no I do not want to see those things yuck! I’m sure I’ll have more gardening blog posts as the season picks up around here nothing to exciting goes on this time of year. This will be only my second season of really being a serious balcony gardener so there is so much for me to learn! Thank you!

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  3. I used peat pots the first year, had similar experiences, never tried them again. I don’t know why they’re so popular because apparently this happens a lot. The little compressed peat pellets (that expand inside a little net) that you can get for windowsill propagators have NOT given me that problem, though. I don’t know if it has something to do with the process they use to mold the pots? Or it could be that I have usually used those pellets inside seal propagators where they’re less exposed to random spores. That’s why a lot of my seed starting I either do in the large plastic trays now (like the commercial flats) or in small clear water cups. And why I’m gotten obsessive about microwaving the medium and washing out pots to try to prevent this problem. With mixed success, but I try. πŸ™‚

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    1. Helpful tips, I didn’t have a lot of luck with those peat pellets either. I may just use the trays now or the plastic seed starters from now on. This Gardenning thing has been such a learning curve for me. It’s like you can read all you want about something but it doesn’t beat the actual trial and error of actually experiencing first hand.


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