Soap and Glory

Hello everyone,

During the holidays I found this cute little gift set from Soap & Glory. This was my first time trying out these products. After a quick google search I saw that most people gave it raving reviews! I just had to try it out! The packaging is so cute and fun I just love it. This gift set came complete with a Loofah, Clean On Me creamy shower gel, Scrub Of You Life smoothing body buffer, Hand Food hydrating hand cream, and The Righteous Butter body moisturizer. I’ve been trying these out for a couple weeks now and I’m ready to share my thoughts. Unfortunately I do not share the same enthusiasm as many of the reviews I read.


Scrub Of Your Life

The first product I used from the gift set. I figured I’d use it to give my feet a good scrub. I’m going to get real here, my foot is not in the best way from being in the air boot for so long it needs some help. I thought a good scrub of it’s life might be in order. In the grey bubble it says “Amazing moisture foam formula” I’m going to have to dispute that as I don’t consider what it did foamy. The product does have little scrubbing beads inside, I felt they were kind of harsh almost abrasive to the skin on my foot. Take into consideration my foot has been locked away for over a month, the skin is peeling and sensitive as it hasn’t had to move much or be exposed to the elements. I also found they don’t break down easily as I could feel the gritty beads in the tub the next time I bathed. I wasn’t impressed with this and I won’t be using it again.


Clean On Me

Let me just say if you have never smelt these products it truly is an experience all on it’s own. I don’t mind this too much, I put some on the loofah and was hoping I would get more of a lather with it. I really want the ridiculous lathered up experience I want to look like a soap bubble. This did not produce the foaming bubble even with the loofah. I tested it to see if it would bubble bath and it didn’t. I am prone to yeast infections from some bath products, the good news I didn’t get one from using this, woohoo! The scent does linger on the skin after showing and it’s a light scent I didn’t mind it. However, I may still use a body wash and than put this on after. I don’t know I want all the bubbles to feel like I’m clean I don’t know if I felt that clean feeling after using this. I’ll keep this around but I won’t repurchase.


The Righteous Butter

Your to put this product on right after bathing while the skin is still wet. So I did, If I didn’t feel clean after my previous products I certainty didn’t now. I was amazed and how quickly the butter seemed to absorb or dry on the skin. It’s a really thick formula, like really thick. It does resemble a butter. What left me feeling off with this is I noticed almost like a shimmery shine to the skin. I’m pretty sure this gift set said “sparkle and Shine” on the package but I didn’t really expect to be shimmery. I don’t know if it is supposed to look shimmery of it’s a film left over from the product. It was enough to turn me off from trying it again. I may use this up if I want to look all shimmery or just to use it as a fragrance but I’m not satisfied enough by the moisturizing formula to repurchase. There is way better products out there in my opinion.


Hand Food

Let me tell you the first day when I used all these products together I was a scent ball! Really fragrant, my spouse did not like it he said and I quote “Ugh, you smell like an old lady” Yes dear I love you too. I do work with seniors daily and I can tell you they don’t smell like I did. Also the fragrance of me with all this product would be too overpowering for me to be at work with my clients. I used this product the most as I applied it over and over again while I played on the computer. It dries up really fast again like the butter. I noticed too that my hands seemed to be really dry visually. Even in my naturally dry climate I don’t normally suffer from really dry skin. So I was concerned. I checked the ingredients and realized alcohol is the third ingredient in Hand Food and Righteous Butter. Alcohol often used as a preservative can be really drying. I’m going to go ahead and say that’s probably why the product dries down so quickly but it was also causing dry skin.

Overall I’m going to have to fail these products. I would only use them sparingly for the fragrance feature which to me is really feminine but according to the man in my life it’s not a win. If you have any kind of skin condition or sensitive skin in any way this product is probably not for you. Please if this is you, allergy test before lathering up. I do appreciate that the scent does not go sour on the skin like some products, but the excess use of alcohol is a turnoff for me. In small amounts as a fragrance will be the only way I will be able to use up these products. I love the box it’s so cute, I’m going to try to work it into my beauty room maybe to store hair ties or something in, I don’t know but it is cute. The loofah is a win I did need a replacement one, but I noticed it was half the size of my previous one. That’s okay I can work with that.

Have you tried these products before, If so was your experience as terrible as mine? Like I mentioned they got great reviews so maybe I’m just expecting to much from my products I don’t know. I really tried to love these but I can’t do it. Let me know your experience, if any with these products.


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