Clean Up Your Toys For A Treat

It came to my attention I needed to clean out some of the old and damaged kitty toys. They can only take so much biting and clawing before they come apart and can become dangerous. If your a pet owner make sure you are checking the toys regular ensuring they are safe to play with. Even though my cats are getting older they still have a lot of play in them. Their toys take a beating! I wanted to replace some of the damaged toys and couldn’t find any that met my safety standard. Don’t the kitty toy people know that the toys need to be safe to play with. I have a full time job they are often left alone, unsupervised, with their toys. That means moving parts, small pieces, strings, easily breakable bits and other things are a no no. I left the pet store empty handed, with no toys. What am I ever going to do when the honey suckle bag featured photo no longer is safe to play with. He loves it so much he sleeps with it and guards it from other pets.


6 thoughts on “Clean Up Your Toys For A Treat

  1. One of our old cats had a beanie baby lamb that was the same way. At night once all the lights were off, he’d carry it around the house in his mouth mewling, and then he’d come into the bedroom and drop it at the foot of the bed before settling in. You could hear the bean bag sound when “lambie” hit the floor. It was his prize from the nightly hunt, and he brought it to us before going to sleep. It was so adorable.

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