An Oxymoron – Matte Lipgloss!

Seriously though it’s a bit weird. I’ve been trying these out for a few days now and I’m finally ready to share my thoughts with you.

Ever since my fail with Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor I’ve been envious of the bold matte lip. I got a taste of something I couldn’t have, and yes I’m still pouting about it not being able to be on my pout. I was really hoping this product was going to compare and I would absolutely love it.


I only picked up two shades from the collection, a part of me was nervous of trying another fragrant matte lip product only to have burning lips. From Left to right I got Aphrodite Kiss and Forbidden Kiss. Initially the pigmentation is beautiful, it kind of dries down matte takes about 20-30 minutes before it stops looking so glossy. You can also dab off some of the gloss and get an immediate matte result. I think I understand why it’s a gloss, this stuff has next to no staying power. It transfers to everything even after being worn for hours. I appreciate that it’s not sticky on the lips like a lot of gloss can be, and it’s not drying either as matte lip products can be. That’s about the best thing it has going for it. This product got so many great reviews though, I’m just not that into it. Maybe it’s me maybe gloss isn’t my thing and I should just stick to balm’s and lipsticks. If you don’t mind gloss and have no problems with it transferring and needing to reapply frequently than go for it! I found after wearing it for 2 hours no touchups it had transferred away and faded harsh. The remaining product settled into the lines of my lips.


I really do appreciate the doe foot applicator. It’s unique in that it has a hole in the center. It picks up product really nice so you don’t need to go back in and easily spreads any excess product. If you use it to gather the excess you can create a thinner layer of gloss to get the matte look without dabbing or waiting. I really like that idea I don’t know if it’s enough to push me over the edge to loving this product. I think it’s best use I’ll get from it is to apply right before photo taking for that ultra pigmented matte look, but don’t expect it to stay on for long. Definitely not the product to use if you are doing a lot of talking, eating, drinking or any thing at all unless you want gloss everywhere but your lips. Other than that it looks beautiful!


8 thoughts on “An Oxymoron – Matte Lipgloss!

  1. Such beautiful colors. But man that color transfer is enough to turn off anyone. I’m searching for a great color that has staying power for my wedding. It’s a tough search! And hey nothing wrong with balms and lipsticks. Sometimes you just have to go with what ya know girl!

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      1. They’re from the Jordana Cosmetics Modern Matte Collection. I own four of the shades, 02 matte (nude), 09 dare (deep berry), 11 matte caliente (hot red), and 12 matte style (true red). To maximize the staying power (of any lipstick, or to mattify it), I lightly tap some powder on my lips (with a tissue) and apply a second coat.


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