Makeup and Beauty Product Cull

Hello Everyone,

I got such a great response from my post Nail Polish Cull I thought I’d give it a go again. Maybe make it a regular monthly thing what to do think? I’m going to apologize in advance if it seems like I’m brand bashing. I’m not, I find hits and misses within all brands and this is a post exclusively talking about those misses.

I used to have an individual in my life who sold Avon. Unfortunately this person had to be removed from my life as I learned she was deceiving me and a toxic friend. I felt at the time obligated to buy all this Avon from her as she was a struggling single mom. We went through a catalog and talked about all kinds of products. Little to my knowledge anything I showed interest in she ordered for me. The bill was frigging $500 bucks! I couldn’t believe it. I paid it and took my products but I always felt tricked into it, just one of many deceitful things she’d do to me before I called off our friendship. Unfortunately most of those products she had sold me were misses. I gave a lot away as I could never use all that product before it outdated. Some I have held on to thinking I would give it another chance. I never did, most now have outdated and this, what I’m about to show you is the last of it. This post is hard to do for the reasons of my estranged friendship as well as the thought of all that wasted money, so yeah anyway lets get it over with.


Mega Impact Eye Shadow

From left to right I have the colours Blue Wattage, Poolside Pop, Berry Electric, and Violet Voltage. I actually ended up with two Berry Electrics how frustrating is that? These claimed to have more pigmentation than some of their previous products. That fell short as there was barely any at all. The product itself is very stiff and hard to work with. Hard to blend and you really had to work to even get any colour, let the swatches speak for themselves.


As you can see some shades don’t even show up on the skin. I tried many forms of application with these, the sponge-tip applicator, brushes, finger tips even wet. Nothing helped these, they look great in the pan but they just don’t deliver.


True Color Eye Shadow Quad

I gave these a fair shot. Since I had spent well over my makeup budget on these Avon products I really had only these to use at that time. I am not going to miss these as they make it to the trash bin. I tried and tried to make these work. I would get creasing, fallout, and fading. The formula is chalky though not as hard as the mega impact shadows they aren’t soft either. I do like that these have a mirror with them but that’s about the best thing they got going for them.


Island Breeze

No amount of primer or layering help these out. The colour as you can see is not true to the product in the pan.


Blushing Raisins

I really wanted this one to work I loved the colours in here but I could never get the look I wanted from these believe me I tried.


Smoky Eyes

This one is just mean, you try to get a smoky eye from this it won’t happen! The more you put on the more falls off during the day! It’s terrible!


Anew Reversalist Line

Left to right we have a Renewal Serum, Renewal Day Cream, Renewal Night Cream, Renewal Foaming Cleanser. I maybe only used these 2-3 times I can’t remember. I do remember not liking the way it felt on the skin, I couldn’t get past the smell either. So they got pushed to the back of my bathroom cubbards never to be used again. Now they are expired and making a journey to the trash bin. I didn’t give them enough of a chance to know if the product was renewing as texture and scent turned me off.


Foot Works Clay Mask.

Yes a mask for your feet. I never tried a foot mask before and there may be is a reason why. This was another fail for me. I guess I didn’t give this one much of a chance either I tried it once. Your to apply this product to feet and legs allow to dry on the skin, rinse off and towel dry. So I’m sitting on the couch putting this on. Now it’s all over my feet and hands and if I walk to the bathroom to rinse my hands it’s all over. So I sit with it hardening and crusting everywhere. What a mess now I have to walk to rinse them off. I guess I should’ve been in the washroom already letting it dry and make a mess there. I was not a fan of this concept and never gave it another chance.


Avon’s Extra Lasting Lip Gloss.

There is no indication what colour these are so I have no idea. I can tell you the colour has died over the time I had them.  A typical doe foot applicator. The product smells pleasant kinda like jello or something sweet and fruity. The product itself is really sticky and I couldn’t get past that.


Ultra Luxury Eye Liner

I got these so busted up I sharpened and sharpened and the product just kept breaking off. The wood shavings never cut clean and were often jagged that can be painful on the eyes. I don’t use a lot of liner only really for tight-lining that kind of thing. This stuff traveled around smudged my makeup and was so dry it dragged stiffly along my lash line. Not a fan.


Paperdoll Mineral Cosmetics

I have #2 in a loose face powder. This was the second lightest colour in the display. Initially I used this all over the face as a foundation. The stuff oxidized so dark it looked like I put bronzer all over my face. I tried using it as a bronzer but it never looked natural and was difficult to blend. It was messy and just it’s time to say goodbye to this.


Revlon Super Lustrous in Pink Pop

I found this to be really sticky I can’t handle really sticky lip gloss. I want glossy slippery smooth, not sticky yucky. I appreciate this has minimal smell and the colour was really cute too. If you don’t mind sticky gloss go for it.


NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Copper Penny

When you open this product the applicator pops out as if it doesn’t fit and the pressure pushes it out. Because of that you have to force it in the tube and twist it shut, so packaging fail. The smell is like a candy smell I want to say sour skittles some kind of sweet and sour candy anyway. I found the product to feel gritty on the lips and every time I put it on I immediately wiped it off.


L’oreal Voluminous Original.

I saw this on sale and figured why not I love so many L’oreal mascara’s lets give it go. I like everything about this for a more natural look from my usual go to of bold lashes. However there is something in this product that doesn’t agree with me. My eyes start to feel like they are dry irritated and burning! I was at work and had to remove this product and go without mascara for the entire day.


L’oreal Super Liner Duo Precision Eyeliner in Black

Like I said before I don’t really use eyeliner so I don’t know why I grabbed this. I want to say it came in a two in one package with my mascara but I could be wrong. I gave it a go and tried my first cat eye wing. Looked pretty good! Then I blinked and it was everywhere! Including in my eye, it was like a layer of film in the eye so gross. It smeared all over and never did dry correctly. For a girl already disliking eyeliner this made it worse for me. This has to go before I forget how nasty it was and try again.


Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in the shades Passion and Addiction.

I won’t talk about these too much as I already mentioned them in a previous post. Product was great but had an allergic reaction.

That’s it for now, let me know if you enjoy these kinds of “cull” posts, and if you have tried any of these products I like to hear about your experiences as well.


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