New Toy

Hello everyone,

After my WordPress fail I had mentioned to my brother my struggles and not having a laptop. He has now allowed me to borrow his laptop, he wasn’t using it anyway. I’m so thankful this will make writing my newly inspired writing project so much easier. Also I’ll be able to be a better blogger and blog follower.

The laptop comes with Windows 8 which is a joke! I had no idea what a complete fail this operating system was! I can’t believe it’s so bad, there is no way I can work with this. So I will be spending the evening making windows 8 go away.

I got some gourmet hot chocolate to help me get through this evening. I’m not a big fan of tinkering around on the computer this way, installing and waiting all night. It will be worth it in the end. I’m enlisting my spouse to help me as I will just get bored and frustrated. He’s the remote and gadget master around here so let him figure it out right!?

I hope you all have a good night and your enjoying the weekend.


17 thoughts on “New Toy

  1. Yay good luck with the laptop hope it helps you write better I have a HP Windows 10 laptop the newest version and I find it pretty good I hated Windows 8 ugh my other laptop has Windows 7 and it just sucks 😣

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    1. I had never seen 8 before I didn’t know where anything was!? So strange, I guess it would be good for some devices maybe touchscreen but I’m not interested in learning a new windows format.


      1. Lol my laptops touchscreen its so handy I hated it at first but I love the easy use of it and I’ve customized everything so I know where everything is.

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      2. Ugh I know I blog mostly on my phone cuz my daughter loves to steal my laptop 😫 lol she thinks it’s hers so I go on to update my blog or change things on it or to just surf the web 😊


      3. Yeah I can see that. I’ve lived so long without a laptop, we use a desktop on the TV and my spouse usually has that occupied so I have been on my phone mostly. That thing needs an update too it is unable to hold a charge at all. Oh man I’m so excited!


    1. I don’t think I could handle the way it looked. I’d have to relearn where everything was! I’m not the biggest techie so I panicked when I saw it and really don’t want to learn a new operating system layout. Windows 10 all the way for me!

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      1. Oh man, Windows 10 killed my laptop! It was running perfectly on Windows 7, and now I can barely use it. Takes me at least 5 mins to start it up, and another 5 to wait for it to load Firefox completely. It also crashes if it goes to sleep during the lengthy start up procedure, which it often does because I lose patience and go do something else while it’s failing to load. It also doesn’t save any of the custom settings for my hyper-sensitive mouse pad. I have to reset them every time my laptop goes to sleep.

        Granted, there are freak moments when everything works perfectly. In those moments I love Windows 10, but they don’t happen often.

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