Indoor Greenhouse

Hello everyone,

Recently set up a small three shelf greenhouse in the spare room. I modified it a little bit so the bottom shelf is actually at the top where the roof would go. Since I have trays to cover seedlings I opted out of the cover. This way all three shelf get sunlight from the window and I can use the bottom for storage.


As you can see I’m using two shelves already and some seeds have been started. Experimental at this point I planted some kiwi seeds just to see what will happen if they will actually sprout. I don’t have a lot of hope for them but it would be pretty cool. I also started some lavender seeds, last year I started them so late I didn’t have any time to enjoy them.


Here you see my little lemon tree yearling. These guys are pretty slow going and of the seeds I planted only this one made it so I have started a couple more lemon seeds and hopefully I can grow this guy some friends.

I mentioned in my previous post  2016 here I come that last year I went overboard planting and that I didn’t want to do that again this year. Any extra plants that come out of this experimental planting will be given away and I’ll only keep the strongest ones if any. I’m going to give them some time see what happens than start my Tomatoes and Basil.

There are still a couple more houseplants I want to add to my green little family. I’m really wanting more shade loving or tolerant plants as my sunny locations are filling up. Gardening really has become such an obsession to me. I can’t help myself I just want more!

I’ve decided I want to start a grow journal and document my adventures in the garden. I’ve learned a lot these last couple years and one of those things is that not every growing endeavor works out. I did really well with tomatoes and Basil last year and that’s why I’ve decided to focus on those.

I’m worried about my plants overwintering. I have some hot peppers, strawberries, and blueberry bushes outside. The weather has been strange. It’s +5 outside today, that’s warm for us this time of year we have been having a lot of warm Chinooks here and I’m doubting those plants are overwintering as well as they should. I guess only time will tell, I’ll have to wait until spring to see if they come back healthy. I don’t have a lot of hope for them either so if they come back that will be a nice surprise.

I have not seen any more signs of gnats for awhile so I’m wanting to say I won! I’ve resumed watering as usual and everyone seems happy. Except the lipstick, so much damage was done to the root system, vines were going limp and dying. I trimmed off some healthy vines placed them in a glass with water and I am hoping they will make roots and I can save it.

Hope your having an amazing first day of 2016, and if you were out celebrating hopefully your not suffering today.

Thanks for visiting!

8 thoughts on “Indoor Greenhouse

  1. These are beautiful! The little lemon tree yearling is so adorable! I love plants & flowers and hope to have a few one day. I would love to have a garden with flowers & vegetables. I went to high school for Horticulture but don’t remember much about it. It has been hotter than usual here in Philadelphia too. I hope your plants grow well, good luck with it! Thank you for sharing all this beauty! ❤

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  2. ‘A dirty hoe is a happy hoe.’ That made me laugh so much!

    I hope your plants do well. I have a bit of a black thumb myself, but I’ve bought some nice geraniums recently, which appear to be the only things I can keep alive. Well, half the time anyway – I had two before and one died. The other was on the brink of death but I pulled it back and it’s going along happily now.
    Here’s to keeping plants alive in 2016!

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    1. I’m glad I could give you a laugh! I was worried some of my category titles might be a little crude for some people. I thought it was funny I’m glad you did too. Every time I get a new plant I read up on it so much! The problem most have is overcare or undercare. Finding a balance will help you be a better gardener. Good luck growing!

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