2016 Here I Come!

Hello everyone,

Wishing you all a very happy new years. If your out celebrating remember to be safe and have a plan on how your getting home. Other than that enjoy your night! Fireworks came early at my place 6:30 they were going off, we had no idea! The photos you see are actually taken from the comfort of my living room. Surprisingly enough and that’s why they kinda look terrible. I seriously am wanting to get my hands on a real camera here quick!


We are having a quiet night in this year. I plan to catch up on some light reading, and eat salty snacks! I picked up a couple new lip products I’m testing out and enjoying sweet tea. My honey, he is still hurting from his knee dislocation so just taking it easy playing Fallout 4. As for my injury I’m doing a bit better. I am no longer wearing the boot, only when I’m in pain. There is still a lot of stiffness and it is tender, so just going to stay off it the rest of the night.


Just because I’m having a quiet night in does not mean my hair can’t be on point, In this beautiful braided bun! I couldn’t get a good shot of the back, like I mentioned I seriously am wanting a real camera!

Several years ago I made a resolution at new years not to make resolutions that would leave me breaking a promise to myself. Instead I have prepared a small list of achievable goals.

1 Buy a new Camera

Nothing too fancy just something that gets the job done. I feel my photos are just really lacking and I try my best to produce decent pictures with this thing but it’s time to get a real camera!

2 Be a better blogger 

Not that I don’t think I’m a good blogger now. I’ve only been on WordPress for a short time and I hit the ground running and am growing fast. I wish to keep this going and continue to post regularly and continue to grow, share, and connect!

3 Be a better writer

I’ve lost touch with my writing for such a long time. I’m making silly writing mistakes and I know better. I let myself be discouraged when I lost a piece of writing I was working on. My computer actually overheated and fried, it almost set my entire home a blaze. I only have 6 chapters of the 30 or so I had backed up to email. I’m not ready to go back and re write it yet I may never be. I have recently however been inspired for a new project. I’ve got a great pitch and already completed my character sketches. I want to keep working on it and not let my previous failure hold me down any longer.

3 Granny Square

I want to finish crocheting that granny square blanket and just get to cuddling it already!

4 be a better gardener 

I got a little carried away last year and over planted to the point you could barely walk my balcony. This year I want to do better, I’m planning on planting Tomatoes and Basil from seed.

5 Be a better seamstress 

I got a sewing machine as a gift from my dear friend. I had mentioned many times I wanted to learn that skill, I have yet to do that. I have my first beginner project planned I just need to get out there get my materials and get if done!

6 Go on a trip

I’m kind of cheating here as I’m kind of already planning something and as long as everything goes smoothly away I go!

7 Attend a fitness class

My gym offers some group classes that I have yet to try. The planters faciitis has really set me back as far as gym attendance goes. I’m hoping as I recover I’ll be able to get back into routine.

8 Be a better friend 

I find its easier to disconnect than to reconnect. Even unintentionally and even as connected as we are with social media I am finding myself disconnected to my loved ones. Aside from the many hobbies I have a career that takes my time away. Before you know it a month or longer has gone by and I have not spoke or seen someone I care about. I want to make a point of reaching out more to some of these lost connections.

Well that’s it everyone that’s all I got so I’ll bring my last post of the year to an end. Hope you all have a lovely New Year and may your goals and dreams come true!


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