December Favourites

Hello everyone,

December has turned into a rough month for me. I’m kinda glad it’s over and hoping we can move forward in the new year with a more positive outlook. My morale is low mostly because of the injuries both me and now my spouse sustained. I’m still on reduced hours from work and so money is tight. We didn’t really exchange gifts here or do anything special so when everyone asks what I got for Christmas its discouraging. We had lots of family time so that’s my answer, its not that I need Christmas gifts I buy everything I want and so does he. We are preparing for something incredible in a couple months instead, some big surprise I can’t talk about yet! Anyway enough moaning about that! Let’s get to it.

Firstly one of my favourite things this month, I’ve made so many new connections here on WordPress I’m loving it. Some of you may know I mentioned a writing project I was working on that got destroyed. I’m still not ready to revive that one yet, but I have however felt inspired to start a new writing project. Science fiction, fantasy, and horror are my favourite genres and I’ve decided to write a Portal Fantasy! I’m really excited about it and its my new favourite project.


I talked about this E.L.F. palette before in a previous post. This coral blusher in the corner has been my favourite ever since! I’ve been wearing it almost everyday! I never knew how much I’d enjoy coral blusher it looks so pretty with my skin tone, I’m loving it!


This is my favourite all time bubble bath! I repurchase this time and time again. I just love the feminine floral rose scent. The scent is not overpowering, however it’s delightful and does leave a hint of scent lingering on the skin. I appreciate that it is ph balanced and really gentle to use. I’ve had issues with some bubble bath causing yeast infections so I’m really careful about bubble bath products now.


I wasn’t sure about this seasonal tea blend at first. I used honey to sweeten it at first and it wasn’t right, I didn’t like it. I decided to give it another chance and used raw sugar to sweeten. I’ve been hooked ever since! Since it is seasonal my local grocery is already out so I’m not sure I can get it until next year.


I’ve also talked about this before in a couple posts here and there, so I won’t talk to much about it but this has seriously been my favourite! My cuticles have never looked better! Since you only use a little bit this tub will go a long way.


I loved the last candle I bought from this brand, I just had to get another one. I found this gem at my local craft shop, I stopped in to buy yarn and saw a sale on these babies! How can I resist?! Who knew marshmallow and coconut went together so well!


These jingle bell earrings! I’ve been basically living in them! They are so cute and have a soft chime. I’m more likely to be a cat toy wearing them though!

I had a marathon on a Netflix special it’s been my favourite program I watched this month. It’s called Making a Murderer, a Netflix original documentary on Steven Avery. A man who was freed from a wrongful conviction searching for justice. A must watch!


I’m loving this song and the video is so funny too. These girls are so talented and quickly becoming my favourites!

It was really hard for me to narrow down two songs let alone one so here’s my second favourite jam this month!

Favourite movie this month was Starwars obviously as I mentioned before falls into my favourite genres and I was thoroughly entertained with this movie. I never really eat popcorn or pop but I ate so much during this movie I almost made myself sick. I was so engulfed in the movie I wouldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom, that’s how good it was!

I’ll let that conclude this months favourites have a fabulous day!


5 thoughts on “December Favourites

    1. Thanks so much, it could always be worse and its getting better I know 2016 is going to be an amazing year for me! I’m really impressed with the elf palette as well! Such a great find! I think it was only 20 bucks so a win in my book!

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