All we want for Christmas is our injuries to heal!

Hello everyone,

If your wondering where I’ve been its been a rough week. It’s not bad enough I’m down with an injury but the other day my spouse dislocated his knee at work. We look like a hot mess together! Our family Christmas photos sure will give people something to talk about this year.

Thankfully I’m not in charge of hosting a Christmas dinner this year. We are guests at our families dinners one today and one tomorrow. Saves us from having to do a lot of work in our banged up state. I have however prepared a dessert for dinner and I just wanted to share that recipe with you guys!

I found this recipe on I’ve tried many apple crisp recipes and this one is by far my favourite one. Check it out here. I used granny smith apples to even out the sweetness, I’ve tried many apple combinations but granny smith works best for my taste.

Merry Christmas


4 thoughts on “All we want for Christmas is our injuries to heal!

  1. That’s the same apple crisp recipe I use as my base! It’s a great basic starter. Granny Smiths are great, and I “tart it up” a bit too by throwing in a handful of mixed berries. I have a bag of frozen ones that I use for oatmeal in the morning; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc – it will turn your crisp scarlet even with just a sprinkling of berries but I’ve found it adds a little extra flavor to the crisp that works well. In my family the “Crisp” is actually the favorite part so I normally scale that part up as well. I also find that this recipe is VERY juicy. I never add the water they call for and it’s always a bit on the runny side, which probably has something to do with the variety of apples I use I imagine. But I’ll attest that’s a great and easy starter!

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    1. I have to agree often with those recipes I find online I’m modifying it just to make it work this one I can follow exactly and it turns out. I never have a problem with it bring runny but I noticed other said the same in the comments. Like you said it maybe the type of apple being used. Also I usually split it into two small pans so that may have something to do with it. I love the idea of throwing in mixed berries I’ll be trying that for sure! I love finding these great base recipes too that easily can be added on. Like I said I choose this one as it doesn’t need tons if modification to work. Thanks for your feedback!


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