Nicka K New York Perfect 32 Colors

Hello everyone,

Recently I stumbled upon these palettes, I bought one at first and really liked it so I went back to get the other one. These eyeshadow and blush palettes were really inexpensive. They were 14.99 each! That’s less than 50 cents a blusher or shadow!! I love myself a good deal and these are pretty dang worth it. I didn’t actually realize that some of these were blushers at first and after swatching them I know I wouldn’t use all of them as blushers. The shadows and blushes are really soft, almost too soft but I can work with it. They come with a foam tipped applicator which I never use those but I appreciate I can fit a shadow brush or two in there and take it on the go. The packaging is the worst feature its inevitable that I’m going to break this, which scares me the formula is so soft I could potentially ruin the product. Aside from that I’m loving these! As with most palettes some shades are going to be more pigmented than others. I found some of the matte shades just didn’t deliver. The shimmery shades were really impressive and there are some more chunky shimmery shades that I enjoyed. Can’t wait to try so many new looks with all these!


Some dramatic shadows here, some basic white and black lots of pretty blushes and some I can see as highlighters even. If your looking for neutrals you won’t find many here. On the backside there’s a chart to let you know which are blushes and which are shadows in case you couldn’t tell. I did think they were all shadows I mean what if my blusher brush picked up that blue and smudged my cheeks!


I wasn’t going to swatch all the shades but I was just having so much fun I did! Starting off with the blushes.


Here you can really see what I mean when I say some deliver more than others. I can tell you right now more than half of these I won’t be using as actual blush. A couple really pretty shimmer shades some sadly pigmented mattes but some bold ones too.


I love so many of these colours, I’ve never really used blue shadows before but I’m going to have to give them a try especially those aqua shades at the end, loving!



Some hits and misses here, really struggling with these matte colours but there’s enough shimmery shades to compliment them here so really still can’t complain too much about 50 cent shadows.


This one is my favourite of the two and the one I initially bought first. I created a really glam rose gold makeup look I got so many compliments. Even the ladies at the MAC counter admired my makeup look that day.


Some of these shocked me that they were meant to be blushes I mean really, purple blush!? Do I look like a glam rocker here!?


Honestly not going to lie I doubt any of these will make it to my cheeks unless it’s a costume party but I love the shades for eyeshadow! That first shimmery one is one of my favourite!


A couple of ridiculously pigmented chunky shimmery ones here, the shadows were so soft I picked up too much with my finger. This is avoidable when using a brush. I really only gently swirl my finger on the product for a swatch so this gives you an idea of the texture and pigment power!


Lots of great highlights here.

I’ve only worn these shadows out that once. I was out all day shopping and running around. The colour stayed true all day was really easy to blend using a fluffy shadow brush. I did use a primer when I wore them. I do have slightly hooded eyes and the product didn’t crease which I really appreciate. These would be a great buy for those who want to expand their shadow collection without spending a ton of cash. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who wears neutrals or more reserved makeup looks. There are some very dramatic colours here. Again I doubt I’ll be using most if any of the blushes as blushes, but as shadows and highlights sure. I’m excited to try more glam looks and I know I’ll be reaching for these all year long!

Anyway I’m supposed to be getting ready for a dinner party and here I am blogging! Hope your all enjoying the holidays and I’ll catch you later!


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