Starting to Recover

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give you all an update of my injury. If your new to my page and your not sure what I’m talking about you can find more information here and there.

It’s been a little over a month now since my injury. Yesterday I went and talked to the doc, I am able to take my foot out of the aircast when I am at home and also when I am sleeping. I have not been sleeping so well since the boot went on so hopefully I’ll start to get a better nights rest. During this time I must always have a soft insert and shoes on at all times, no running barefoot for awhile. For the next two weeks I still must wear the boot to work or if I’m out shopping and running errands. After that time I can gradually take the boot off for work and only put it on if I’m experiencing pain. I have been given two very easy very mild stretches to do, I must do them twice a day everyday. In 1 month I go back to the sports med doc and we will go over more intense stretching and strengthening activities.

Yesterday evening I walked around in my lambs wool slippers, I feel as though I’m learning how to walk all over again. There is next to no strength in that foot or ankle. I don’t feel comfortable walking and have to think about what I’m doing. I went to bed without the cast on last night and I feel like it was too soon. I still had a lot of pain when I got to my feet this morning. It will be awhile until I’m at full health again. I’ve completely neglected my gym membership, so it would be nice to get back out there soon.

When this is all said and done this lady is going to buy herself a brand new pair of shoes or three.

Hope your all having a fabulous day!


7 thoughts on “Starting to Recover

    1. Aw that’s sweet of you thanks! I’m doing much better actually. I’m gradually increasing my workday and wearing the air boot less and less. Still lots of work to be done on strengthening and getting that range of motion back.


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