Gnat Update

Hello everyone,

As some of you already know I’ve been struggling with gnats infecting my plants. I’ve set yellow sticky Gnat traps as well as a spray treatment. I can see the adult gnats have stuck to many of the traps the ones that didn’t get stuck to cats. In total between the two cats I lost three traps, fur, even whiskers. So, well, you know what they say about cats and curiosity. When using the spray treatment it left the soil looking as though I sprayed glitter in it. The soil sparkled and hopefully killed the larva. I saw in one of my plants a centipede. Those buggers give me the heebie jeebies! I sprayed it directly with the spray as I was all freaked out and hopefully that killed it. I’ve been looking daily and haven’t seen it since. I was also advised to reduce watering. I’m afraid I may have reduced water too much as some of these plants are mad!


This poor lipstick plant. I’m not sure it is going to make it. It is one angry plant I’m not sure what to do for it. Hopefully it can recover from this but it’s not looking good.


Aside from some leaf drop these avocados seem to be holding strong. These guys are gonna be OK. I’m thinking they need re-potted soon though.


This umbrella had seven leaves before treatment. It seems okay now but I’m not sure, I think it lost its leaves to preserve energy from lack of water hoping it will bounce back this guy is slow growing as it is so I guess it will be a long wait to see.


This guy is so close to death its not funny. This polka-dot plant is where I found the centipede. I almost threw it away at that point but I’m going to still try to resuscitate this guy I don’t have too many shade tolerant plants and want to keep it around. Just doesn’t look so pretty right. Sometimes “pretty hurts”.

I’d like to set up my little indoor greenhouse and start my seedlings for spring in the next couple weeks I’m really hoping this is taken care of. I’m going to keep some Gnat traps out see if I’m still catching anything. Going to rearrange them so they are out of kitty reach if there is such a thing as that.

Until next time!


8 thoughts on “Gnat Update

  1. A wine and soap trap.
    This does work… But who has ‘left over wine’??
    That’s a myth in our house!

    You need a small pot or jar
    Pour some red wine (About half full). Put in a tiny squirt of washing up liquid and leave it on the side where the flies are.
    Soon the gnats will be attracted to the wine. The washing up liquid breaks the wine’s surface tension and they will fall in and drown.

    *Insert evil laugh here*


    1. Thanks so much for your helpful advice. I have rotated all the plants today so they should be happy for a while. Also does it have to be red wine? That stuff doesn’t come home with me very often. I’ll try it out I’m at my wits end with this Gnat thing.

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      1. I don’t think it *has* to be wine… Its the separation of the wine and the washing liquid really.
        I think apple juice will also work… Maybe? I’ve only ever seen it done with wine.
        The other thing you can do is to re-pot your plants. Take them outside, shake off all the soil you can and re-pot them with new soil.
        Don’t bring that used soil back in the house! Dump it somewhere in the garden if you want to. Other insects will deal with them.
        If you are in a warmer area, could you leave the plants outside for a bit?
        Another trick is to wash your windows with bleach. but leave the windows ‘wet’ the gnats don’t like bleach… It burns.

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      2. I’ll try those things, weather here is not suitable for them to be outside this time of year. Even if it is warmer this year it’s still winter. They had no interest in the apple cider vinegar I left for them. But I’ll try these ideas you have given me. Thanks so much you’ve been very helpful!

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      3. You could put the pot in a bag and tape it up? Gnats don’t live long and any moisture in the pot won’t escape so quick…
        Could be worth a try? I would call this one ‘Plan B’ B-)

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