Can’t win them all

Hello everyone,

As you may already know about me I just love trying new things and have a special place in my life for lipstick. Unfortunately not all lipstick has a special place for me. This product I’m about to share with you is fairly new. I actually discovered it at a drugstore I don’t normally go to, but I may end up going more to because they brought in some high end lines! Yay so exciting since there is no store currently in my city now two drug stores carry a unique selection of high end such as Urban decay, Benefit and so much more. Any way I hadn’t budgeted for a big spend so I just grabbed these lipsticks. Within 30 minutes of trying it out my lips were burning!


Revlon ultra HD Matte lipcolor in the shades Passion and Addiction.

The smell of these are really strong of cherry. I initially loved the product the applicator is the standard doe foot but unique in a way that it is slim at the tip. Sorry I don’t have a picture of it for you. The color was very pigmented and went on so smooth! The product delivered I had beautiful bright matte lips and the colour oh my was beautiful. I am not sure how long wearing it is though I had to remove the lipstick within 30 minutes of wearing it. My lips felt like they were burning! Probably a reaction to the fragrance. Luckily they gave me a full refund and I should’ve just splurged to begin with. Oh well.

This got me thinking though, maybe there should be a matte clear gloss you can apply to any lipstick you want! If there is such a thing already let me know please that would be amazing. Also if you know a product similar to this liquid to matte hd colour lipstick let me know I am wanting the look without that burn.



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