NOTW – Frozen

Hello everyone,

I’m having a hard time getting into Christmas so I opted for a wintery frozen nail look this week instead of some cute Christmas nail art. I am just having so much fun with all the new glitter top coats coming out this season to be bothered with with anything else.


You may recognize this first colour from my recent cull post. This is “Spring Blue” from Santee. Next I have “Holographic Pearls” from Revlon’s Transforming effects. Such a beautiful touch just these two but I wanted MORE GLITTER! So my new favourite glitter polish “Break the Ice” from China Glaze the Cheers Collection.

My nails are so short this week! I broke one painfully short so this week I trimmed them all down. Thinking I might try a new shape as they grow out I usually always have oval shaped nails. That’s my comfort zone I’ll try busting out see if I like it.


Also I just wanted to mention this has been a dream! I have been using this everyday before bed and I’m loving the results! In just that short time my skin around the nails are healthy looking. Cuticles softened and hang nails are gone, yay!

Hope you enjoyed your weekends!


3 thoughts on “NOTW – Frozen

  1. I love the mixture of topics your blog explores, loving the nails by the way 🙂
    Am hoping Hubby has taken my ‘not-so-subtle’ hints for a couple of sets of Nail colours I would like for Christmas. Who says you can.’the be green-fingered with pink nails????

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    1. Thank you, if your hubby is anything like mine subtle hints will not do. They need to be told straight out! There are so many great nail sets coming out this Christmas I’m trying with all my might to resist the urge to buy them up! I’m glad your enjoying my blog I’m still discovering myself and my writing.

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