New Wet &Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks

Hello everyone,

Seriously lipstick is one of my favourite things. I’m always stocked in lipsticks. I can’t leave the house without at least 2 or 3 lip products and I usually end up bringing more home every time I shop. This is the first time I’ve ever purchased Wet & Wild lipsticks, I don’t know why they are so dang affordable at $1.50 (CAN) each. I picked up these 4 shades to try out.

The packaging is all wrong, I do think it looks better than before but I cracked the lid the first time I opened it, or rather closed it. You have to get it to click in the exact position or it cracks. Also the bullet does not go all the way in so its easy to nic it on the lid. As I was applying it I had to hold if just the right way or it would push back in on me. Inconvenient but hey just remind myself this was only $1.50.


Black Orchid

I picked this shade up as its so trendy right now but I’m not ready to make a commitment to it. So for the price I can try it out. This warm toned deep wine shade  leans a little to the brown side. Perfect if your going for that bold vampy look. I didn’t mind this colour with my skin tone but its not my favourite.


Blushing Bali

This is the one I cracked BTW. This shade pretty much disappeared on my lips. I couldn’t tell I put a colour on at all. Swatched, it has a pink rose hue to it. Nothing special, I know I won’t be wearing this might as well wear my naked lips.


Dark Pink Frost

This goes on and almost looks metallic! Really takes me back to my teen days when ridiculous metallics were really trendy. It to me is a nostalgic shade. Blended out well helps to tone down the metallic like shimmer making it easier to wear.


Cherry Frost

This is my favourite shade of the four I picked up. The first in this shade is not as dated as the previous but again looks better blended out. The medium red is unique as its nothing like any other shade I have and the gold shimmer can be flattering in moderation.

I’m not the biggest fan of the smell. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it makes me feel sickly. Don’t wear these on dry lips I found they aren’t drying but they weren’t particularly moisturizing either. The colour payoff was very impressive. I appreciate how long this budget lipstick lasted. I wore it for 4 hours before needing a touchup. However it didn’t last when eating or drinking. The lipstick itself is very staining, you can use this to your advantage by layering and blending as I mentioned earlier but it did take some effort to remove from my mouth and the swatches.

These won’t replace my daily go to lippies but they are a decent product on a budget! These are great to grab when trying out a trend or your just wanting to save some cash. Good product to grow my lip colour collection without slamming my bank account. I could get past the bad packaging and terrible smell for the highly pigmented bold colours.

If you tried these out tell me your experience and what you think. Thanks for reading!


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