Elf 50 Piece Makeup Artist Palette

Hello everyone,

It’s such a fun time of time of year for cosmetics. I love all the gift sets and fun palettes that come out. I managed to get my hands on this one. It was 20 bucks (CAN) regular price. I just love when I can get good stuff on a budget. I don’t like spending all my money in one place so if you see this on sale scoop it up!


Right off the bat I love the packaging! It secured closed really nice so it well be really good for travel. Inside the mirror is huge another great plus for travel! There’s two removable pans inside one contains 40 eyeshadows. The other pan has 5 blushes and 5 bronzers.


I think my most favourite thing about this is the blushes, I didn’t have any of these shades in my collection so that’s a win. I am really excited to try these out!


From bottom to top. This shade is a really light powder pink probably too light for my skin tone as a blush maybe it is supposed to be a highlight but I’d probably use this as a shadow. Next we have a rosey pink this is close to my go to shade so I’m really excited to try this one. Third we have a hot barbie doll pink I think it’s going to be much fun to try this one. Forth one is a natural nude with a hint of pink. Last a beautiful coral. I have never tried a coral blusher before and this one is really pretty!


Onto the bronzers, in the pan they have a shimmery sparkle to them on the swatch they glow without being sparkly so that’s nice. Again bottom to top. I would still use these bottom two as blushes I don’t really see how they’d work as bronzers but they are still really pretty. The last three to me seem more true to bronzing especially the one second from the top. I honestly don’t do a ton of contouring the face so I probably won’t use that one as much.


Onto shadows I’m not going to swatch them all I picked a few that really stood out for me. The first one at the bottom is one of my favourite its the first one I see when I open this. Could be because this colour is still in my dreams but it is so pigmented I can’t wait to try a look with it. This shade probably has the most shimmer to it in the whole palette. Next we have a deep shimmery cranberry shade I can see my pairing this with that pale highlight blush pink whatever its supposed to be. This is a very shimmery champagne shade I just love it so much. Next I have a deep shimmery wine colour with a hint of brown. There is way more shimmery shades in this palette than mattes the next three are matte colours. The aqua colour is so much fun, I’ve never been daring enough to use blue shadow but I’m going to have to try this out. Next a matte lavender, this one is not as pigmented as the other shades and was disappointing. Last one can barely tell is there. Supposed to be a tan shade with an orange undertone I did several swipes on the last one and if still barely shows up. There is bound to be duds in this palette I only randomly swatched, so far so good.

The texture is a little bit chalky and powdery but not so bad that it’s gross. I can get past that. The pigment on many of these shades are really intense. I only swiped once and didn’t use Primer so I’m really happy about this purchase. I think I can use a wet brush on some of those shadows to perhaps pull more colour out of the lesser pigmented ones. If your adventurous with makeup and want to try some new colours and looks pick this up. If you kinda stick to your “safe shades” this may not be worth it for you. I’m going to experiment with some new looks using this palette I’m pretty excited about this especially those blushes!

Oh and yes the afghan you see in the background I made myself it is my very first afghan and a lesson was learned making it. That is check your dang lot numbers on your yarn. This took 3 yarn balls and one is not quite the same as the others. Shesh!

Thanks for stopping by hope you have a fabulous day!


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