Deathlands by Forbidden Trespass by James Axler

Hello everyone,

I finally finished this novel. I’m not the fastest reader, I just am so busy but I do enjoy reading. My favourite time to read is in the bath. Maybe that’s silly but I get some Epsom salts, bubble bath or a bomb and grab a book while I deep condition my hair. This is my time! Although I do end up with company my male cat, he likes to sit by the open door almost as though he is gaurding me. Do you do this too, read in the bath I mean?

Anyway I usually browse the bestsellers bookshelf at my drug store its a small rack and most times I don’t see much. It is updated weekly so when I find something mildly interesting I grab it right away. I have 5-6 books lined up in my unread section of the bookcase. I truely am looking for horror but I avoid those detective and cop themes. They are so popular it seems I can’t find a good scare without reading about a detective. Once in awhile I try a romance but if its not hot than I feel I’m wasting time might as well be reading fantasy, am I right? Ah science fiction fantasy that’s my niche right there! So when I happened upon this novel I scooped it up blindly unknowingly to me there must be a 100 or so novels set in this world perhaps even with these same characters! Notice how a lot of science fiction and fantasy writers create a world and write in it forever!?

Even though I wasn’t following this series I was able to jump right in. The world itself reminds me of a video game I recently got into. Fallout 4, both place their settings in a post apocalyptic world, post nuke even. So as I was reading this my spouse played the video game and I easily fell into this world. The book does not disappoint on the action part. If violence and gore is not your thing stay away! I enjoyed it, I don’t think I’m going to run out and buy 100 or so books, I’m just not ready for that kind of commitment, but I had fun reading this.

If you have any book suggestions for me leave them in the comments!

Thanks have a goodnight!


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