NOTW – Lightly Frosted

Hello everyone!

I’ve been having such a great weekend I hope you are too. This week for my nails I wanted to go for something really light and feminine. I love all the bold fall colours don’t get me wrong I just wanted something soft this week.


I choose Sally Hansen new lengths ceramics in Pink Pearl as my base. I mixed N.Y.C 103A a light irridescent sparkly pink with Sally Hanson hard as nails xtreme wear in White on and sponged it onto the tips of my nails. This gave s textured and gradient look visible when the light catches it. Really soft subtle and fem. I feel if I want to give it more of an edge I’d use actual glitter on the tips.


I noticed the skin around my nails was looking stressed out, I’m seeing hangnails and damage so I’ve been trying out this product. It was about $10.00. I’ve been using this before bed as its a very rich formula, its a bit waxy in texture so its my last step in lightly routine. So far it has been repairing that broken skin so that’s a win I’m going to keep using it.

I got a couple nominations today im going to be posting those soon so look out for those. Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed this look.


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