Nail Polish Cull

Hello everyone,

Hope your all enjoying your weekend so far! I know I am! I quickly wanted to share that I’ve reached 100 followers!! Yahoo! Thanks so much everyone!

I realized as I was looking for my nail look for tomorrow that my collection needs a bit of an overhaul. So join me as I sort through this mess.


I use to have this friend, she sold Avon and I guess I felt obligated to purchase my cosmetics from her, you know help a single mother out. In a way I regret doing this because Avon dissapoints me time and time again. It may seem like I’m bashing this brand today I apologize but I’m just being honest here. These nail paints make me so angry. Every time I teach for an Avon brand bottle of polish the lid is broken! It’s so frustrating. I’m not going to completely give up on these ones the colour is still OK I really like the Urban Splatter but I think Avon discontinued it.


Packaging fail Avon.



Avon’s Loving Lavender and Santee Lavender. Santee is my new dupe for another fail on Avon. The colour separated so bad with the Avon brand I know your not supposed to shake a polish but its hard to roll that square shape between your hands so I shook and shook to try and blend the separation but the colour looks dull. So Santee costs 2 bucks at the drugstore store it well replace the not so Loving Lavender from Avon.


Another dupe from Santee replaced Avon. We have Santee’s Spring Blue stepping in for Avon’s Vintage Blue. Seriously same complaint broken lid and colour separation leading to a dull colour. These polishes by the way are only about 2 years old some of which I only used once so its really such a shame!


These lids have started to crack and are already separating as well. Come on Avon your making it hard for me to like these products! The red here is so luquidy it took 3-4 coats! No not worth it I will find dupes.


Yea so I hate crackle nail polish. Doesn’t matter what brand it just looks messy to me I’m not a fan. Buhbye!


This is the worst one. Okay this polish takes forever to dry and when it does it is gross its like gooey and hardening I don’t like it. This is the only covergirl polish I bought and the last. What a mess!


I love this polish so much I’m sad to see it go but its old, like 5 years old and is a bit gooey.



Same thing guys these have just lived past their prime time to go.


Okay somehow I ended up with two the same colour here. One of you has got to go!


This says starry pink. Does that look pink to you. Colour didn’t fade here folks it laid down and died became a nasty chunky milk looking colour. It’s done.

That’s it for now hopefully I don’t have to do a nail polish cull for a long time it sucks to see them go. I may have to do a makeup cull soon though, yikes the thought of it! Anyway look out for 3rd NOTW tomorrow and enjoy your weekend!


16 thoughts on “Nail Polish Cull

  1. I wish I could be as brave as you and do a polish ‘cull’. I think I get too attached to my bottles. I don’t know why as, you too have pointed out, some polishes split really bad and can’t be saved, some have dried up in the bottle, and others are just plain rubbish. So why am I keeping them! I wonder if it’s because I know that I’ve spent money on them (or someone else if they’ve been gifted) and I don’t want to admit that they’ve literally been a waste of money. I think you’ve inspired me though and maybe next week sometime I could hold a cull! πŸ˜€

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    1. Go for it make room for the new! I was feeling the same way like what a waste of money. If helped to throw away ones I had replaced with duoes in case I was feeling too attached to the colour! I’m glad if I inspired you and I’ll be on the lookout for that!


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