Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick Review

Hello everyone!

If you saw my post an Afternoon Drive you know I’ve already tested this product out and I’m ready to give my review. I just absolutely love lipstick. I think it completes any look, hell I even slap it on when I’m bumming around the house. I usually have at least 4 lip products in my bag at any given time. So when this counter display featuring 15 shades of new lipsticks arrived to my local drugstore I just had to try it out. They don’t normally carry Rimmel so I never really buy it. I swatched these in the store and was pleasantly surprised!


Firstly the scent, it is really sweet smelling reminiscent of Jolly Rancher candies. I was nervous about the scent at first worried I’d get a reaction. Some perfumes in cosmetics have irritated me in the past. That wasn’t an issue and the smell dissapated after a short time. I kinda want some candy now though.



I choose this colour “One of a Kind” and I used a lip brush to line my lips first as I’m not the biggest fan of the flat shaped bullet. It went on easy using this method, I am impressed with the intense colour payout! I love the satin finish of this lipstick it is so easy to wear! It did transfer on to my boyfriends cheek even after completely dry but for the most part it stayed put. We had lunch about two hours into my wear time and I didn’t need to retouch it. The lipstick stayed true for about 5 hours for me. See below photo, I apologize I really need to update my camera.


I wouldn’t say the lipstick was moisturizing but it wasn’t drying either as you can tell. I am enjoying this lipstick very much I hope it really is a permanent addition to the line, maybe they will release more shades! You now, like my classic berry! I did run, well limp out and grabbed a couple more shades to try out.


Cheeky coral


It’s a creeper.

I havn’t had much luck loving coral shades or even nude shades but because this line offers an amazing colour pay off I’m going to give it go!

Have you tried these yet? Tell me what you think if you have.

Thanks for stopping by!

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