Injury update

Hello everyone,

I had an appointment with my sports med doc today regarding my ruptured fascia. There is more of an explanation of this injury in my post Hello Sexy Air Boot. Since than I discovered that I have actually ruptured those tissues. There’s still quite a bit of pain and swelling going on here. He mentioned I’ll be absolutely needing to continue wearing this friggin thing. At least for another two weeks probably longer. If it has healed enough in two weeks I can begin to reduce time spent in the boot. I’ll still be wearing it at work during this time and probably to bed. In about a month or so I maybe able to start the rehabilitation. There’s stretching, strengthening and so forth. It’s already driving me crazy! I just want to wiggle my toes so badly all the time!

I can’t remember if I told you. The other day at work I was going down the stairs and my air boot broke! The strap around my ankle snapped! I had full range of motion as I stepped down in the broken boot I instantly felt pain. I got a new boot now, hopefully this one won’t break that was terrible! Anyway I took a personal day today from work to stay home and rest it. My sweetie and I took advantage of our unscheduled time together and we took a drive to the mountains! I’ll post a couple pictures for you in a separate post.

* Update * Check out my Afternoon Drive here!


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