Afternoon Drive

Hello everyone,

After my doctor’s appointment this morning I was feeling bummed out that I still have to wear this ridiculous air boot. I went shopping at the craft store to help cheer me up, and give myself a holiday crafting project.

It turned out to be a beautiful clear day. On days like today all I have to do is look to the west and see the mountains in the distance in all their glory! They just looked so beautiful, my spouse and me jumped into the vehicle and started driving towards them.


Through the prairies and past the rolling hills we can see them reaching towards the sky.


The Three Sisters. I couldn’t get my camera out in time but we saw about 30 Big Horn Sheep grazing the side of the highway so cool!


I couldn’t resist making this photo my new header display image just so beautiful!


Of course a cute selfie! I went bare face with makeup today all except those lips! I tried out a new lipstick today I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts. Coming soon.


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