Arctic Blonde

Hello everyone,

I am wanting to talk about hair colour tonight. I am only 30 years young but my hair is already struggling to produce pigment. In other words I’m going prematurely grey. I found my first grey hair when I was only 17 years old! I was devastated and I totally freaked! My mother told me I was seeing things as my sister plucked it from my head. Not too long after, the dang thing grew straight up with a kink in it. I have naturally straight dark brown hair so this silvery strand sticking straight up in the middle of my head stuck out like a sore thumb! It was this that made me hair colour crazy, I started tinting and colouring my hair almost every three months or so for about 11 years. I lived that whole time embarrassed and ashamed that I was prematurely greying. I went to great lengths to disguise it. I had a large hat collection for those days when my silvery roots would show through.

About two years ago I noticed my hair was feeling really dry and dead. I mean 11 years of chemically colouring it you can imagine. The texture was so coarse part from being grey the grey hair is naturally thicker and more coarse and part from the damage it had endured. I decided it was time to stop being ashamed of myself and embarrassed about it, so I embraced it. I’ve ditched the hat collection almost completely. I’ve since referred to my hair colour as being Arctic Blonde. I have not put any colour in my hair for almost two years. There’s still damage to my ends which I’m planning on cutting away real quick. I was only embracing my hair colour I wasn’t about to chop it all off. After this next cut my dead coloured hair will be gone!

I’ve learned a lot as my hair has changed. It has a tendency to get frizzy so using a hair oil such as argan or coconut has helped tame it. Also using a conditioning mask weekly to help moisturize my hair and bring it back to life. Especially in winter its prone to static as moisture is important without stripping natural oils. I try to avoid really sleek sophisticated updos and opt for loose, casual, or boho styles in case an unmoldable grey wants to frizz out. I only wash my hair every third day or so, and I’ve started washing my hair with blue shampoo’s. They help to enhance or soften the harsh tones grey can often cast.

Most women have complimented my bravery for wearing my pigment deficient hair. Which has helped with my confidence level. I still wear my hair up most times so I don’t have to see the Arctic Blonde out the corner of my eye. I wore my hair down the other day with full confidence, I mean grey hair is trending right now why not flaunt it right!? A woman maybe she had 20 years on me approached me and said “What are you doing with grey hair? Your too young for that!” I was floored, that one little comment made me want to crawl into the hair dye aisle and grab a box any box. Instead I responded “Oh you mean my Arctic Blonde hair!?” After talking with this woman, it turns out she was just as ashamed of her hair as I once was. She is also colouring it to the point of being fried.

It’s funny how colour can impact someone’s confidence and self worth so much. Beauty shouldn’t be defined by the colours we wear but how we wear them, with confidence and grace.

If your interested in hearing more about the products I use to specially treat this hair type let me know, maybe I’ll write a post talking about Arctic Blonde Hair Care.


7 thoughts on “Arctic Blonde

  1. I think that it’s great that you don’t color your hair. Grey is actually really in right now anyway. Not that it should matter. I too just stopped coloring my hair. It’s three different colors at the moment but personally I’ve never really cared what people thought of my appearance so I’m not to upset about this awkward period. The harsh chemicals are just too much. If it’s doing that much damage on the outside I can only imagine what it’s doing on the inside.

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    1. When I first stopped hair colouring I started using a clarifying shampoo. Nuetrogena has an anti residue shampoo. It says to use once a week I use it once a month. It helped pull some of the colours out. Thanks for your comment. I do look back sometimes and feel silly for caring so much I just wasn’t ready for the “granny look” when I was still a teen.


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