Set the Gnat Traps

Hello everyone!

I know I should have been resting my injury but I have been neglecting my home for 2 weeks now and cleaning had to happen. I’ve spent all morning tidying up its time to stop rest it and take a blog break.

I mentioned I had a small pest problem last week in Gnats in the Plants. Today I took action. I had picked up these items at the gardening store the other day.


Apparently my garden shop becomes a Christmas store this time of year. I finally found these at the back behind all the Christmas cheer. Everyone I ran into had tips to give me about the Gnat treatment. Some include reducing watering, repotting, removing all infected soil, the sticky traps, and stirring the top few cm of soil and spraying with the spray product.


So 20 bucks later and here I am assembling sticky traps. The box includes enough to make 12 traps. Instructions say to peel the back of the yellow sticky, holding on the the edges and cliping them in the stick.


I only made 6 of these, hoping I don’t need to use them again and that I didn’t need one in each plant. I have 18 house plants so I wouldn’t have had enough for each plant. Hoping every other or 3 will be enough.


I put the traps in the Plants that seemed to be struggling the most. This poor lipstick is just a baby I don’t want to repot it and stirring seems so abrasive. I cut off dead branches and removed any plant depris from the soil. Really hoping this lipstick can bounce back.


This is one of two of the daughter English ivy’s I have. I have to trim my mother ivy frequently as I don’t want it to take over my condo. I usually give these away to friends who want a plant that’s low maintenance. I can’t exactly give these babies away all infected that would be mean. I also don’t want to repot them if I don’t have to.


I have these three avocados I started from pits. They sit on the floor because of their height. The sales associate assured me these things were pet safe. Hopefully my kitties don’t head butt or wipe their faces on these. Those buggers are sticky!


This arrowhead plant and me have a love hate relationship. We have been through it, I almost lost this thing before. I overcared for it and watered too much. Friggin thing got root rot, I removed all the soil cut off dead roots and repotted. This thing was so close to death I just got it healthy again. I don’t want to lose it to gnats and their larva that’s for sure! Not after everything we been through!


My aloe vera, another little baby I would rather not repot pretty sure my soil is frozen anyway. Apparently this obnoxious yellow colour attracts the adult gnats and they get stuck and die. Sounds harsh but rather them than my green little family. The sticky traps are not enough on their own we also need to get those pesky larva! They are what’s doing the most damage!


That’s where this spray product comes in. I sprayed the surface of all plants I want to avoid stirring and digging in them, some of these plants barely have roots established. Some of the plants that are more established I’m not so worried about stirring. I’ll give it a couple days and than gently lift the fist couple cm and spray them down. Really hoping this works. I’ll keep you updated as I struggle with this pest problem.

Wish me and my green family luck!


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