November Favourites

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe how quickly this month has gone by! It hardly feels like it should be December yet, that may be because of the lack of winter weather this year. Most of that snow we had has melted already. It’s icy in the morning but slushie as the day goes on. Not so pleasant with this friggin air boot. By the way I broke the strap of my airboot today and had to get another one. So that is seriously not on my favourites just throwing that out there. This is my first favourites post on here I may make it a permanate thing.

Firstly, I started blogging this month on WordPress. I did take a blogging101 but ended up missing most of it. Been using the teachings as a guide and I have got to know many of you from blogging101. WordPress and all my followers make this months favourites!


Ashland Apple Cinnamon Candle. I picked this up at my local craft shop. I have been burning it all month long. I really appreciate that the aroma is not overpowering but it does fill the room. Reminiscent of harvest season and it has inspired me to bake.


Bellagio Sipping Chocolate Cherry. This was given to me as a gift. I just absolutely love it! This is a really dark chocolate cherry flavoured drink. It is so rich and flavourful, I have been adding steamed milk to it and its absolutely delicious! I have no idea where she got it from but I’m going to have to find out it’s so yummy. I used this in a chocolate loaf cake as well as a chocolate icing and both recipes turned out amazing!



Seacret Body Lotion in Pomegranate. This was my first time using any products from this line. It actually came with a bail buffer and cuticle oil which I’ll be trying out this month. I just plowed through this lotion already I have been loving it so much. It’s for all skin types, during the winter my skin dries out much quicker, though I do live in a dryer climate being in the praries its dry most of the time. This has kept my skin hydrated and soft to touch. The smell is so invigorating and fresh. The scent stays true long after applying which I appreciate, it’s never pleasant when lotion fregrance turns sour smelling after a short time being on the skin.



All About Feet Peppermint Foot Cream by Upper Canada Soap. I will most absolutely be repurchasing this product again and again. The Peppermint has almost like a cooling soothing feeling, perfect for those tired feet at the end of a long day. It’s become such a ritual of mine to give my feet a massage using this every night. Only up until recently I massage my injured foot with a yucky anti-inflammatory cream like voltaren only stronger. The smell is fregrant and smells true to Peppermint. The formula is a bit thick so you really want to massage it on.


Wolf Circus Stud Earrings. I have been practically living in these earring since I picked them up! Wolf circus is based out of Vancouver BC. I try to buy local or Canadian products as often as I can so when I saw these I just scooped them up no hesitation!



Linacare Transforming Face Cream Light. I’m not going to go on too much about this I mentioned it in Blizzard Resistant Collection check that out to learn more.




Crabtree & Evelyn in Pomegranate. I wore this back to back for two weeks I loved it so much. I got so many compliments from when I wore this. Strange thing for me, I never took a photo of my manicure when I wore this. That’s unusual for me, even long before I blogged or instagrammed I have been photographing my manicures. I’ll share it with you next time.


Celebration of Hope Pressed Eyeshadow Quad from L’oreal. I am such a sucker for those limited edition displays or any of the counter displays of new or featured products. They get me all the time! I was clearly in love with all things Pomegranate or anything similar in colour because here’s another. I just live that deep shade the most in this quad. I have been reaching for this all month long. The deep berry color is the only matte colour in the pallette the rest have a shimmer to it easy enough to create beautiful day or night look with just this one quad. See no primer swatches below.


I almost forgot one. I don’t normally play video games anymore but this month I really got into Fallout 4. I’m just having so much fun playing this game.

I have two favourite songs this month to share with you. Tried and I couldn’t just pick one, so check out what I’m listening to.

Thanks for stopping by!


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