Celebration at my Fingertips

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to nails of the week! I’m going to attempt to make this a regular weekly thing. I paint my nails weekly on Sunday anyway so that shouldn’t be too hard. Worst case scenario I do have at least 2 years of never seen before material.


Today I am wearing “Better not Pout” from China Glaze Cheers Collection, with “Infrared-y to Glow” from OPI Starlight Holiday Collection.

I really do love the berry shade from China glaze it has a really nice shimmer to it. I put two coats on, if I wasn’t planning on putting a glitter polish I would have done 3 coats.

I just love the shape of the chunky glitter in Infrared-y to Glow its so unique I just love it. I wore this polish all day and the glitter is already lifting. I’m not going to give up on it I really want to love this, so I plan to try a different application method i sponged it on for this look. 

Overall I really enjoy this combo every time I see my Mani I think of a celebration! Just so fun, it has been catching lots of attention.


18 thoughts on “Celebration at my Fingertips

      1. I was looking at a perl off base, I’m curious to know how it performs. When removing glitter polish I just use standard remover on a cotton ball. I place the soaked ball on the nail for 30 seconds to a minute it comes right off.

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