Quite the Yarn

Hello everyone,

The other day I went shopping at the local craft store. What a wonderful place that spells trouble for my bank account. I was well behaved and only grabbed what I had come in for. I was in search for the remaining colours needed to complete my granny square blanket. I had previously had a beautiful pink shade and I have turned it into granny squares. So I needed to find matching yarns but different colours! After dragging my forgiving spouse around granny square in hand, searching for 3 more colours in the style I need that would make a beautiful afghan! I finally found them! I now just need to make piles of granny squares, than figure out how to join them this is my first granny square project.



So excited to snuggle in this when I’m done.

I’ve only been into crochet for about 1 year. My grandmother used to get doll heads and crochet the outfit, body, hair and everything. She had tons of them all around her house. She would make clothes for barbie and me. I still have a Chevron throw she made me. My mother tried to teach me when I was a younger me. I had no interest I tried to do what she instructed. My tension was all messed up it was frustrating for me I wasn’t enjoying it. Most recently I wanted to try it out. This time it came more natural. I’m enjoying this and have tons of projects I want to do. My Pinterest will prove that! I’ll keep you updated on my project, I’m kinda slow at it but when I’m all done I’ll share it here!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!


7 thoughts on “Quite the Yarn

    1. I picked granny square blanket as a summer project so I wouldn’t have to snuggle a warm project in the heat. Turns out I choose to do other things with my time. So here I am still making piles of granny squares. It took me a lot to finally decide colours. At first I wanted all pink shades for an ombre effect. Than all pastels but I decided on these. I hope it turns out as beautiful as I see it in my mind’s eye!

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  1. No doubt it will be a beautiful blanket with those colours. If you get sick of making squares you can always make a smaller blanket – that’s one of the great things about granny square blankets, you don’t have to decide on the size when you start! Don’t be concerned about assembling it, if you want to sew it you can but it isn’t hard to crochet it together (and more fun). Mimi will be doing her next “Easy Technique” tutorial on crocheting pieces together if you want to take a look some time. Enjoy your hooking!

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    1. Thanks! For the blanket I want I need 25 granny squares of each colour. I’ll have to look out for that tutorial, I just drove right in making squares I didn’t learn yet how to join them. Thank you!


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