Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everyone,

I didn’t realize today was thanksgiving for some of you until I hit my reader feed! I couldn’t not just say thanks and hoping all of you celebrating today have a fabulous time! I know I had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with some of my favourite people! Hope yours is just as enjoyable.

Because of my history as a chef I somehow always end up in the kitchen on any given holiday! I may gripe or joke about it but deep down I love it! I feel so fulfilled when diners eat up my creations till their bellies swell up! This year I served a very traditional thanksgiving dinner sometimes I switch it up and get creative with it.  My dear friend hosted at her place and helped me in the kitchen. Our two families came together and enjoyed each others company. So thankful for those beautiful people in my life.

What’s your favourite thanksgiving dish? Mine is the dressing I just love how versatile it is I have so many recipes and most times I make two different an attempt to get leftovers, it doesn’t really work. Also the dessert! I usually make two of these too. Pumpkin pie is not my favourite but I can make one mean pumpkin pie, and apple crumble I make these every year!

Happy thanksgiving friends!


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