Gnats in the Plants!

Hello everyone,

What started out as wanting a simple decor piece quickly became almost like an obsession! I just want more!! I’ve surrounded myself in houseplants I think I’m up to 16 now, not including my outdoor container garden! Yikes! Please tell me I’m not the only one out there that’s “plant mad”! I’ve been growing my green little family for about 4 years now. I just love them so much they make my home look fresh!



Recently I had to clear off balcony to make room for workers to do siding on the building. We had a deadly hail storm left everything looking disastrous. So they came to fix it up. I had to bring all container garden indoors. I rinsed them off in the shower to remove bugs. They stayed in the spare room. Ever since than I have been seeing leaf drop on my indoor plants. I noticed little fruitfly creatures so I placed apple cider vinegar traps. That didn’t work so I have now determined I have gnats not fruitflies. Ew!



I need to get rid of these things in a chemical free way. I have two kitties and I’ve caught them poking around in the dirt one even occasionally eats it wierd right?



I have reduced watering and stirred the top inch or so if soil as a friend suggested. I use a dish soap water solution when watering. This hasn’t improved the situation. I need help I would be devasted if these gnats eat my plants to death! Any suggestions are welcome help me save my green family!





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