Hello sexy air boot!

Hey everyone!

I’m week one into wearing this very not so fancy air cast. I’ve already had enough of it! The alternative to wearing it however is unattainable at this time. Planters Faciitis is serious business! I’ve been struggling with this condition for a while now. I had it in both feet, I managed to remedy the left foot no hassles. The right foot, that’s a whole another story. Not an exciting one either, basically I woke up and stood on my feet as one does and heard a pop sound followed be immense pain! Turns out, and I’m not sure until the results confirm it, I may have actually ruptured the fascia! The lady doing the ultrasound on my foot mentioned she had never seen a ruptured fascia before! Like what!!?? So I’ve been sentenced to wear this pretty thing!



For those unsure of what this condition is ill do my best to explain. Take to consideration I’m in no way an expert in this field and anyone with medical concerns regarding this should speak to a professional.

The fascia tissues I may have ruptured make up the complicated structure of the foots arch. It connects from the heel to the toes. When these tissues get stressed out they can be inflammed, tear, or in my case rupture. If you experience a lot of heel pain especially in the morning your first few steps you may want to ask your doc about this. It’s awful I am unable to even put any weight on my foot without the airboot. It’s only been one week of this and I’m tired of it. Let’s face it no matter what shoe I put on my left foot I will still be unbalanced. The only time I can take this sexy expensive boot off is to ice it and bathe. That’s it! Sleeping is a whole new challenge for me.

I went out and bought a bunch of spa goodies to make me feel better tonight and tomorrow. Still working my full-time job, the one where I’m on my feet for 8 hrs a day, dispute my injury! Phew I need this pamper and rest day!

Please if you have ever dealt with planters faciitis or know someone who has, success stories will help make me feel better. Feel free to share your stories with me. Also any suggestions for my spa and relax day, anything that may better my mood as I nurse my poor injury.



12 thoughts on “Hello sexy air boot!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s going to be a while before my foot makes full recovery again. Even after I get out of the boot I’ll have to strengthen it up again. Thanks for your prayers I’ll keep you updated on it.


  1. Well that is just horrible. I saw an explanation of it and it sounds painful. That ligament attached on the ball of your foot, just breaks off. Ligaments are even harder to heal, so take care of it, and don’t do anything crazy ;). You’ll be OK

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