The Introduction

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first post in the wordpress blog world!

I have never publicly blogged as myself before so I’m totally new to this whole experience. I’ve always had a love and appreciation for reading and writing. I used to write all the time mostly for my own personal viewing. I haven’t picked it up in some time. I was actually writing a sci-fi fantasy when my computer killed it, almost set fire to my house! I had some chapters backed up to email, but I lost the desire to finish the novel. I simply wrote the end to that chapter of life and to those characters. It was just too hard to pick up the pages and attempt to rewrite months of work. I still have them, maybe one day when I’m ready I’ll go back and revive everyone, let them continue their journey. For now I just want to ease back into a hobby I dropped so many years ago.

Since than I developed many new hobbies and passions. Such as gardening, sewing, cuisine, makeup, and so much more. I now want to connect all these hobbies and passions together by blogging all about them! I have not decided yet the tone or direction I want to take this blog. I just know that I want to do it. To share, connect and grow.

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